Funniest BAD Hairline Check Tik Toks
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  • SSSniperWolf

    hey yo stuck at home check

    • Mckenna Schmiedeberg
      Mckenna Schmiedeberg


    • Damian Valerio
      Damian Valerio

      Little brains are smarter

    • ASMR Chopping
      ASMR Chopping


    • Fluffy Wolfie
      Fluffy Wolfie

      Hey im at home and can i reply to this sniperwolf

  • Anthony Reyes
    Anthony Reyes

    I have a 4 head

  • Winter girl fav food soul sweet tofu
    Winter girl fav food soul sweet tofu

    I put my fingers in my forehead and only 3 fingers fit in my forehead

  • Ronea Hill
    Ronea Hill

    I have a 5

  • Kiera Lopez
    Kiera Lopez

    The fourth tiktok went SNATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA


    Boys hair line:thin Girls hair line:THICC

  • Ashley Garza
    Ashley Garza

    Jojo Siwa left the chat-*

  • Norahdbzcat UwU
    Norahdbzcat UwU

    I have a 3 head...

  • Minina Colón
    Minina Colón


  • Hazelfur 71
    Hazelfur 71

    I got a 3 1/2

  • Merritt Watson
    Merritt Watson

    her: how many heads do you have? Me: One

  • Tori W
    Tori W

    You made me laugh so hard

  • Lilly Mxy123
    Lilly Mxy123


  • krystle reillo
    krystle reillo

    HIS FACE!! his face was so suprised when ur hair touched his shirt

  • Bahndye I like pancakes
    Bahndye I like pancakes

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a> She be lookin like squidward

  • itz SASHA
    itz SASHA


  • Kaylee Lewis
    Kaylee Lewis

    i have a 7 head lol

  • Elizabeth Porras
    Elizabeth Porras

    I have a three head

  • Janiah Torres
    Janiah Torres

    “Big forehead big brain” lol🤣😂

  • Hailey Fisher
    Hailey Fisher

    I khow right

  • Faith Triesch
    Faith Triesch

    I have a 3head:( who wanna start tiny head check lol

  • Suzanne Murphy
    Suzanne Murphy

    The Mii channel remix in the background do be sick.

  • Liz Sandoval
    Liz Sandoval

    Then it dissapear

  • Liz Sandoval
    Liz Sandoval

    Um that thing in the back at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="172">2:52</a> what is that in that background that little light

  • Misti Frisby
    Misti Frisby

    I have a 3 head

  • Saige Stutman
    Saige Stutman

    I have 6 head

  • Edson Calles
    Edson Calles

    I have two heads do you want to see them

  • Kailey Dobbie
    Kailey Dobbie

    Her forehead big Sssniperwolf

  • Twin Bro Fun
    Twin Bro Fun

    wasup how is covid 19 hate it or like it i love hactagnoschool

  • Estelle Ralston
    Estelle Ralston

    so funny

  • lovely missy
    lovely missy

    My forehead is way bigger than all of them.

  • Not ur Problem
    Not ur Problem

    who else felt good abou their forehead after watching this video

  • Helen Mclean
    Helen Mclean

    I have an five head DJ if that exists 😒😒

    • Helen Mclean
      Helen Mclean

      I have and five head idk if that exists 🤫

  • xGacha Kittyx
    xGacha Kittyx

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> look at that beautiful face

    • xGacha Kittyx
      xGacha Kittyx


  • Ismael Marines
    Ismael Marines

    I got a feeling that they shave part of their head for that

  • Big Idiot
    Big Idiot

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> why do they look like 'i do not look like a sodding tic tac' guy?

  • Bears dum Drawings
    Bears dum Drawings

    Yo I got a small forhead it a 2 head

  • bob jeff
    bob jeff

    They took it way to far with mega mind

  • Jennifer Welles
    Jennifer Welles

    if you want to see Jojo siwa's hair line she had to shave her head!!!

  • Veronica BOUCHER
    Veronica BOUCHER

    Really you got a bad hair line why do you think I have an avatar and a photo

  • Abby Gail
    Abby Gail

    You should have smacked his hand at the end

  • Kadence House
    Kadence House

    Why would you say that about jojo Siwa your so mean!!!

  • Madeline Breedlove
    Madeline Breedlove

    It doesn’t matter what your forehead looks like but we will aLaws look nice a beautiful

  • Ariana Emner
    Ariana Emner

    In <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="657">10:57</a> look likes he have 10000000000 fourhands

  • Olivia Dobson
    Olivia Dobson

    I thought the first girl was bald 😂🤣😦😧

  • eclipse lps33
    eclipse lps33

    I have a 5 head

  • ogun olayiwola
    ogun olayiwola

    You talk to much

  • Isabella Prewitt
    Isabella Prewitt


  • • Smartie •
    • Smartie •

    *disrespectful hairline*

  • Khulan Altangerel
    Khulan Altangerel

    DAMN FAMN thats a LONNNNNG fivehead

  • Savannah Candlecake
    Savannah Candlecake

    My friend is bald and he glued a wig to his head... we’re in 4th grade

  • meleah taylor
    meleah taylor

    My head aint yhat big

  • Ok Bud
    Ok Bud

    Hey, I may be ugly but.. at least my forehead ain't big

  • IDCandineverwill lps
    IDCandineverwill lps

    im embaressed i have a 6head U_U

  • Fany Mora
    Fany Mora

    And my dad always wears a hat he not bold

  • Fany Mora
    Fany Mora

    Cuz if she pulls her hair back that's what happens duh stop hating on her

    • Fany Mora
      Fany Mora

      Check with the doctors

    • Fany Mora
      Fany Mora

      Check with the doctors

  • Angela Ekwaki
    Angela Ekwaki

    Big forehead but u r beautiful

  • Kalolo Sooalo
    Kalolo Sooalo

    The hair thing is 79% Rare The Beard thing is 40% rare The glasses thing is 99% RARE WOW The wig thing is 70% rare The Finger thing is 100% Rare The hairband thing is 199% Rare because you can shoot it 25 metres away. Also did you know... cancer is 400% rare, because you can be supportive to others and other ones will be supportive to you The Things you do doesn't matter Its 500000000000000% Legendary if you support, Good luck being.. *SUPPORTIVE* *TvT*

  • Ava Thomson
    Ava Thomson

    I have a five head

  • the gaming world
    the gaming world

    But.. ur forehead isn’t.,.. that.. bad

  • Hadja Sesay
    Hadja Sesay


  • Mrs Marshmello
    Mrs Marshmello

    Girl: Boy: Random person: Lifrless soul: Sssniperwolf: Dont be shy put some more , put some more James charles : HEY SISTER

  • RosieThe Bone Cat
    RosieThe Bone Cat

    OMG my forehead can fit my whole hand! IZ SPESHAL

  • Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor

    My second dude be getting the Vagita hairline over here!

  • Bradley Tomkins
    Bradley Tomkins

    Like if you’re just bald

  • Savage Umbreon
    Savage Umbreon

    I have a 5 head

  • Rosie Cutie Unicorn pie
    Rosie Cutie Unicorn pie

    I have a three head

  • mincraft tv building action
    mincraft tv building action

    Omg poor head line check

  • Jellybeans Tv
    Jellybeans Tv

    I’m ngl I got the BIGGEST forehead it’s in the family 😃 👁👄👁

  • Amanda Rose Littlejohn
    Amanda Rose Littlejohn

    I have a 4.5 head

  • TTVtiltedfe4RR fortnite
    TTVtiltedfe4RR fortnite

    i have 5 head

  • Alaijah Mylee
    Alaijah Mylee

    I hate JoJo Siwa and my sister loves her. Bad JoJo sister got a better hairline than her.

  • Kenna Rhule
    Kenna Rhule

    i have a 3 head lol

  • Serra Hill
    Serra Hill

    no your butifule no matter what SSSniperwolf!

  • Photo Equipment Store Australia
    Photo Equipment Store Australia

    I have a really big forehead. My grandma has a Chinese song for it. This is my dads acc btw

  • RyansGucci

    Bruv legit both y'all foreheads small

  • Cookiesfor gacha
    Cookiesfor gacha

    i have a my head is a 4 head i’m four

  • Gabby Stewart
    Gabby Stewart

    omg hi sniper wolf pls answer me fave yter

  • Butter Cup
    Butter Cup

    My hairline look like a barrette from Paris or Frances, the lil hats

  • #Unicorns Are Awesome Schoof
    #Unicorns Are Awesome Schoof

    I thought I had a 4 head but nope I have a 3 head