Finding a Boyfriend (for My Best Friend) | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 1 Pt 1
Bring on the boys! 10 contestants arrive at the "Twin My Heart" mansion ready to find love. Part 2 premieres on Thursday!😲
The Worst First Date Ever | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins S2 EP 1 pt 2 -
Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are setting up not one, but two of their best friends, Franny and Nezza, as they search for love. It's a race to win their hearts, as contestants compete in challenges, deciding who will stay and who will go. ❤️❤️ Bring on the boys! 10 contestants arrive at the "Twin My Heart" mansion ready to find love. But when one guy has a major FAIL with one of the girls, 'ish gets real for everyone in the house... stay tuned for part 2 on Thursday!😲
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  • Themoviemakerkids MiMi
    Themoviemakerkids MiMi

    Plot twist Dennis is Brandon's brother

  • GīńgērBrēād

    *Bennet’s bio talking about how he just came back from China* Me in 2020: CoROnA vIrUS

  • Kofi Kwakyi
    Kofi Kwakyi

    Time for another all nighter 😪

  • jamison sansom
    jamison sansom

    nezza pick vinceeeeeee

  • Veronica Leon
    Veronica Leon

    Ryan is friends with carter sheer

  • samantha Soriano
    samantha Soriano

    Ryan is dating lizzy

  • Angela Hernandez
    Angela Hernandez

    I was watching Jane the virgin and I was like they seem familiar lol

  • Mads Schneider
    Mads Schneider

    I love your MNsoft channel My name is Scout by love

  • Frank Yousif
    Frank Yousif

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="822">13:42</a> Yo Ryan, What worked out? You working more? Lmao

  • Frank Yousif
    Frank Yousif

    YO, 8 MIL SUBS??? and I new to this and I'm reading through the comments reading names and things I don't know and understand. Please fill me in

  • Rosy Alvarez
    Rosy Alvarez

    I knows Ryan

  • Shyann Pullin
    Shyann Pullin

    Omg I'm miss season one

  • angie Cabrera
    angie Cabrera

    I wish rian and lizzy got back together

  • Sophia S
    Sophia S

    I want that purple shirt. Where is it from

  • ChArLoTtE cArTwRiGhT
    ChArLoTtE cArTwRiGhT

    as soon as i saw ryan my mind went: "CaRtEr ShArEr"

  • Isabelle Niekamp
    Isabelle Niekamp

    I mean most of the boys are cute.. 😋

  • blu3wolf85

    ryan is in carter scharers video

  • Lisette Ricardo
    Lisette Ricardo

    This show makes me cringe soooooo much. But that's just one reason why I LOVE this show!

  • Rasidah Jumahat
    Rasidah Jumahat

    OK ??? Aini 6

  • Rasidah Jumahat
    Rasidah Jumahat

    OK ???

  • • HotChocolate •
    • HotChocolate •

    I feel like brenette is going to be the next Brandon but Tarzan version

  • Fazal Uduma
    Fazal Uduma

    I know rayan from carter sherer

  • teegan marfise
    teegan marfise

    Bennet is just selfish

  • teegan marfise
    teegan marfise

    One just came from China wtf

  • Ken Rodriguez
    Ken Rodriguez

    Dam mami forget the rest love them dimples, wow

  • Shania Abram
    Shania Abram

    You just said he just came back from China oh no

  • Faith Myers
    Faith Myers

    I just realized that there 23 years old I thought the were like 17 or 18

  • Faith Myers
    Faith Myers

    I’m so jealous that the Merrell twins have dimples while I don’t

  • gameingwithflamethower gameing
    gameingwithflamethower gameing

    Wait what why is Ryan here

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez

    I wouldnt date bennett because he probably brought coronavirus

  • Birdylover Gaming
    Birdylover Gaming

    The fact that Franny looked so uncomfortable while sitting with the guys at the start 😂😂😂

  • Sincere ll
    Sincere ll

    Happy birthday Nezza and Ryan’s MNsoft channel is Ryan Prunty

  • Ja’Nya Chapel
    Ja’Nya Chapel

    Omg ryan

  • Brandon Yelof
    Brandon Yelof

    I vote sistas n brothers

  • Brandon Yelof
    Brandon Yelof

    Can i come n meet a new girl? Im in san diego💙💜

  • Sophia Bailey
    Sophia Bailey

    I love Ryan’s chanle

  • lily pad
    lily pad

    ryan always losses challenges with carter sharer its kinda funny

  • Anna Jantos
    Anna Jantos

    So silly 🙈🙊🙉 total idiots 🤣

    • Ahnya Christieson
      Ahnya Christieson

      Anna Jantos Yep. You are destined to be single for the next day of your life.

  • sreehariprasad Tannimangalam
    sreehariprasad Tannimangalam

    I think Ryan and Nezza hit it off

  • Yuyu星一つ

    Am I the only want who just know that Ryan joined this show? 😂

  • M a d i s o n
    M a d i s o n

    Dude I don't know how everyone seems ok with this, I would be sooo scared to go out there and I'd be a nervous wreck to even do anything like this. 😂

  • Abyn Hassan
    Abyn Hassan

    One of the dudes said chocolate milk and me black was like what????🧐🤨

  • Aerial phillips
    Aerial phillips

    Shiiid if they don’t take Dustin ima pick him myself periodt

  • LiloWey

    What happened fo christian !

  • Marisol Loredo
    Marisol Loredo

    I now ryen

  • A L R I X
    A L R I X

    Wtf i just wittnessed..... I will be traumatized for life now thanks youtube reccomedations!



  • John Cuellar
    John Cuellar

    You see how season 2 was not about Roni so she probably has a boyfriend aka her best friend aka Aaron Burris

    • Ahnya Christieson
      Ahnya Christieson

      John Cuellar Omg. Aaron Burr*is. Reminds me of Aaron Burr from the Hamilton Musical. Lol. 😂 You are destined to be single for the rest of your life.

  • I r x d x s c e n t
    I r x d x s c e n t

    *”Bring me my future boo boo!!”* read desc😂😂

  • Motivational Travis
    Motivational Travis

    Happy b-day nezza

  • Megan Kate And Sophia
    Megan Kate And Sophia

    Last time it there was a guy named Matt and This time there is a guy named Ryan but Ryan and Matt are really good friends And they do some videos together

  • • XxFantastic_FlorenciaxX •
    • XxFantastic_FlorenciaxX •

    Wait...... Ryan!?!? Isn't he from Carter Sharer Channel?!?!?

  • Alize Martinez
    Alize Martinez

    The Tarzan guy ain’t it ✋🏻❌

  • Allison Ankerman
    Allison Ankerman

    When CJ said he’s going a little overboard I was just like “stop” just stop

  • Nylah Turner
    Nylah Turner

    Hey Ryan you are lizzy’s ex boyfriend

  • John Muga
    John Muga

    What Ryan prunty is there

  • 4th P0ssible
    4th P0ssible

    Little do I know **** and ***** win 🙁 edit* I meant little do y’all know lmao

  • Gymnas QT
    Gymnas QT

    Vanessa stroking Nezza’s hair was so adorable 🥺💖 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1403">23:23</a>

  • Why don’t we Obsessed person
    Why don’t we Obsessed person


  • Carrie Bobo
    Carrie Bobo

    Do a season three but do it for one of your guy friends. And have a bunch of girls and let’s see what differences there are when there’s like ten guys vs like ten girls. Please.

  • Kate Bretz
    Kate Bretz

    Tage stars in the tv show all American as and extra

  • Chloe Waerig
    Chloe Waerig

    Did anyone see that Tage was in Season 2 episode 14 of All American??? 🤯

  • Aloha isha
    Aloha isha


  • Samaantha Tata
    Samaantha Tata


  • Samaantha Tata
    Samaantha Tata

    Yeah the should but on alex

  • Mely Hernandez
    Mely Hernandez

    Happy birthday nazza

  • Ezhil Ramya
    Ezhil Ramya

    Spoiler alert Did you realise Vince came first and Ryan came last I realised it when I was binge watching it again cause it is so addictive

  • Amazing twins Tv
    Amazing twins Tv

    I want franny to be with Conner

  • Mya S.
    Mya S.

    if no ones gonna say or notice it i will THEY ARE THE TWINS FROM JANE THE VIRGIN⁉️❤️🥺

    • Abby Jane
      Abby Jane

      They are :)

  • Amber's Gameplays
    Amber's Gameplays

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="736">12:16</a> Am I the only one that heard “Bryan”???

  • Vina Tantik
    Vina Tantik

    Ryan omg.. What there is Ryan.. what are you doing here

  • s i m p l y . . . k a y
    s i m p l y . . . k a y

    I'm not tryin to come after "tarzan", but if I saw him out in public, id honestly offer him a hair grooming business card.

  • It’s Tiffy
    It’s Tiffy

    Ryan prunty

  • adrianna c
    adrianna c

    When my mom heard someone say they came back from China she gasped

  • melanies teddy bear
    melanies teddy bear

    I only know these people from Jane the Virgin they seem cool tho

  • Jasjit Bajwa
    Jasjit Bajwa

    Skrew the girls are y'all single?

  • Maria Thom
    Maria Thom

    Ryan is a MNsoftr and I watch him and he is friends will a guy named Carter

  • abbyboo jj
    abbyboo jj

    Them: wErE BAck Me: nO-oNe CaREs :D

  • Nariah’s Journey
    Nariah’s Journey

    Why do I only know these girls from Jane the virgin-

  • Jolene Fu
    Jolene Fu

    Denzel cares about his brother p! He’s so sweet

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