Fantastic brush clearing etc loader attachment for just $330 Delivered Ratchet Rake Kubota B2320
I have been wanting to try one of these for a while now and finally had some projects I thought it may work well on so I ordered one. Knocking down brush & saplings starts at 11:30 you can get this at I got the "52” Ratchet Rake that Fits Buckets 45”-54” Machines up to 60 HP made out of 1/2" Steel Plate for $299.99 +$29.99 shipping I believe I ordered it on a Saturday night or Sunday and I received it on that coming Thursday. I have now used it maybe 6-8 hours total, about 6 doing the work in this video "not all of that time is shown but you can see the finished product" and another few hours making a trail for a new fence line so far I am very impressed its a fantastic attachment that is going to save me massive amounts of time, and the ability to get things done a lot faster the amount of work I have done with it in 8 hours probably would have taken me at least twice that to do it by hand.
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  • John Minyard
    John Minyard

    My neighbor has that little tractor, I'm always pulling him out, he told me the salesman told him that would do his27 acres, now he gets mad at my tractor when I do brush work

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      I have yet to get mine stuck where I can't get it out with the fel and a little elbow grease, have never needed to pull it out.

  • Milton Aliff
    Milton Aliff

    And I have been trying to make my own, oh well

  • Emmanuel Be
    Emmanuel Be

    Transplant instead of getting rid off trees .thanks you can do better next time buddy,,

  • Dennis Iteen
    Dennis Iteen

    I just just got mine, worked great on the drive with bad ruts

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      I just put mine on yesterday to level my garden area and break up the grass, before "tilling" with my field cultivator.

  • OldPossum

    For $600 you can get a proper landscape rake, leave your bucket usable and save stress on the hydraulics. A loader is not a bulldozer blade.

    • OldPossum

      @Repairman Jared I don't think so, but I don't live in the middle of a junkyard so maybe that makes a difference.

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      Landscape rakes are only good for pushing/pulling debris around but no good at ripping out saplings or loosening dirt/gravel etc. There more of a leaf rake, that you can move some stick with but half the time when you move sticks with them you end up bending the tines and having to re bend them.

  • Donald Krause
    Donald Krause

    On Disability?

  • david s.
    david s.

    I just purchased a small JD350 dozer for 6 grand................ 10X better for clearing brush than my little kubota, and it saves my Kubota for mowing and snow removal.

  • matthew cornelison
    matthew cornelison

    What it it with big folks and ultra small rides

    • Keith Blackwelder
      Keith Blackwelder

      What is it with your Mama and her fat ass?

  • justin smith
    justin smith

    What is on the hood?

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      Waterproof monitor, that shows my backup camera. I will do a video on it one of these days once I make a new mount for it so its closer to the driver and easier to see.

  • Rick Pender
    Rick Pender

    Works great on privet. Also use mine to scrap and level gravel driveway

  • Rein Quest
    Rein Quest

    It would have been more helpful if at least some of that was a regular speed playback.

  • Greg W
    Greg W

    I've had mine about 4 months and it has done a fantastic job of clearing brush and 4" trees with no problems. It's mounted on a 6800 Kubota 4x4. Don't do what I did, I had it doing all the tractor was capable of doing when 8 hydraulic lines burst. I guess that was stupid but the bush wouldn't come up. It finally came up but I was finished for the day. I have almost as much in hydraulic lines as I do the rake, they were gettin old anyway. I still like the rake but don't over stress your equipment.

  • bear9923


    • Jordan Bronson
      Jordan Bronson

      More mess to clean up! LMFAO !!!

  • Arf

    I have a chunk of 6x6x3/4 angle out in the boneyard. I'm going to make one. Thanks for the video.

    • Harry Areola
      Harry Areola

      Arf if I had the scrap metal like you, I'd make it but I'd use my plasma cutter, seems like the torch would cost a lot in gas.

    • Arf

      @Harry Areola My plasma was on the fritz at the time so I used a torch and a grinder. It came out nice but (as I mentioned above) the price they're asking for their unit is a fair deal.

    • Harry Areola
      Harry Areola

      @Arf what did you use to make the cuts I'm figuring plasma cutter?

    • Arf

      Ok, I made it. I fabricated it fit my scraper as well as my bucket. It took me 6.5 hours once I found the stuff out in the boneyard Disclosure: I'm retired ironworker and I love doing things like this. I had the stock on hand, I have the tools, I've been fabricating stuff out of metal for 40 years. That said, The price ratchet rake charges for there product is a great deal. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one. Thanks again for the inspiration.

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      Let me know how long it takes to make all the cuts/what you use. To me I don't think it would be worth it but if you have tools that can do it easy then maybe, depending on how long it takes.

  • LA Prepper
    LA Prepper

    interesting attachment :)

    • Brian Gregory
      Brian Gregory


  • Charlie Martinez
    Charlie Martinez

    Add some water to the rear tires!😬

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      I almost did, beat juice actually "doesn't freeze as easily and weighs quite a bit more" and I still may. But with my tractor its kind of a balancing act, because my ground is so soft in a lot of place I want to keep it relatively light but at the same time have traction. Most times just putting something heavy on the 3 point gives enough traction. The beat juice only adds like 60-80 pounds to each rear tire as I recall, these tires are not all that large so you can't put a ton of liquid in them.

  • Terry Branston
    Terry Branston

    Nice attachment loads of uses, pity about the toy tractor wouldn’t pull your granny off the shithouse ,

    • Jordan Bronson
      Jordan Bronson

      More granny chit to clean up! LMFAO !!!

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      It is plenty big enough for me actually slightly to heavy for the one use I would like to use it for more, which is going out in the peat forest, but overall in my low area it works pretty darn well. The next size down wouldn't have the ground clearance or power I need ether. I have only gotten it stuck a few times in mud and it was able to get itself out with the loader and some firewood.

  • gijeeper gijeeper
    gijeeper gijeeper

    Hate to say it but I took out a stand bigger than that in much less time with a machete and ratcheting clipper. Left very small stubs that the brushog finished off. A bigger machine, maybe a small dozer like a D6, would get rid of that stuff much faster.

  • zz top
    zz top

    What is mounted on your hood?

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      Waterproof lcd monitor for my backup camera, it works ok but is a bit far away to see well I plan to make a mount for it to get it closer to the driver. I just want to make sure I can still open the hood for maintenance with it on which I can do now.

  • El Futadore
    El Futadore

    I used this tool on JCB 214. Wasting money.

  • Green Acres
    Green Acres

    Man I have to get one of those. The more I watch it the more I think I need one. P.S. I honour the “paying it forward” craze where the purpose is to keep subscribing to each others channel increasing everyones subscribers. You simple type paying it forward on any of my videos and subscribe to my channel and I subscribe to yours. Pass it on. Take care Ray

  • Green Acres
    Green Acres

    Does anybody know if it works good to scratch the surface of ice so the ice is no longer slippery?

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      I had the same thought and did use it for that the beginning of winter it will cut grooves in the ice even with my light machine, would probably do even better with a heavier machine also I didn't have chains on that the time so the back end wanted to slide sideways sometimes with the front end off the ground to provide the down pressure. I would have done a video of it but our ice didn't last all that long this year, our graders do something similar with teeth on there blades it helps its not perfect but it does help.

  • Thomas Wade
    Thomas Wade

    I can still see the ruts !

  • Bo Fridell
    Bo Fridell

    Vad är det för leksak, blir inget gjort.

  • 680ecks


  • 680ecks

    When you do a hydrolic fluid change try mobil 424 its alittle more expensive but it cut down on the whining and gave altiile more lift power to my tractor ,very happy with it. Passed up a chance to get the attachment at trctor supply on clearance now im sorry should have gotten it.

  • 3Sphere

    I need one of these!!! If you're makin' new pasture or a building pad and you have a lot of saplings and brush, this looks like the ticket! Gotta get all those damn roots out and this looks very satisfying. Faster and better than using the backhoe. Backhoe is still good for the bigger stumps if ya don't have a D8. :) I think I will weld one up and use chain with turnbuckles to cinch it on instead of nylon straps and ratchets. Make a custom spanner wrench for the turnbuckles. Or maybe just use load binders. Should last a lot longer and hang up less on things... and no cable MEAT HOOKS... just nice smoothe chain! :) Maybe I will experiment with different angles on the teeth to see what grabs and wedges the sapling trunks best for yankin' out. Great video! Thanks!!!

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      I feel the same about stick, anything above 1/8" thick is going to be on the stick machine most likely and anything I need to rely on structurally like a trailer is going to be on the stick machine.

    • 3Sphere

      Yep, 6012 or 6013 and 7018. What else do ya need? Although the 6012 has been known to crack with too much flexing in service. But 7018 solves that. Root passes with 6012 and finish passes with 7018 and you're bullet proof! Too much heat for fine work but most of what I weld is heavy anyway. The Mig is good for fast, non-structural repairs but I still don't completely trust it for structural stuff. I weld in all positions and it doesn't bother me to swap sticks because of the confidence that stick gives me. And swapping sticks lets the machine rest periodically. Stick is just FUN too. I LOVE runnin' that magic puddle! At some point I need to get a plasma cutter to do more intricate work, 'cause you just can't beat the neatness of the cut. But that's what steady hands and a grinder are for......;) I've never tried propane. One of these days I'm going to get a big, multi-process machine so I can run Tig too but I just love the old Lincoln Pipeliner for smoothness and sweetness............... ;)

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      I just used some 6013 3/32" to built a trailer insert with 1/8" wall 1" square tubing. I bought a decent wire feed soon after :) don't get me wrong the stick works fine and I love it for heavy work. But going around corners and swapping out sticks constantly becomes a bit tedious, not to mention cleaning slag all the time. I just switched from Oxy/Acetylene to Oxy/Propane for cutting, haven't done much with it yet other than to test it quick and I think I am going to like it. I have never used a plasma cutter way to expensive for my taste, although in the long run there supposedly much cheaper to run. I am still going to keep the acetylene bottle around in case I need to do some delicate welding, I still like it best for control. Tig might be nice but way to expensive for the few times I would end up using it, unless I could get a cheap manual setup for the stick machine.

    • 3Sphere

      I run 3/32" stick. I can weld anything with it with enough passes and it actually gives me more control than big amps and 1/8" stick. It's cooler and the warp and distortion are easier to control. I don't even have a plasma torch. I still use Oxy/Acetylene for cutting and it works great- just like it always has.

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      Yup I doubt many people have a big enough press in there home shop, or have a big enough welder to even tackle half inch, I think I can with my big stick but I have never tried, probably still have to pre-heat.

  • Will Wells
    Will Wells

    Just got mine for my Kubota bx. Spent a few days enjoying it. It’s the most useful addition to the bucket!. It’s easy and effective! Well worth the minor cost. Essential

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      Will Wells nice to hear it works decent even on a smaller machine.

  • Roger Whiting
    Roger Whiting

    Where can I order one of these please?

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

  • greg bakley
    greg bakley

    thanks for the video I was looking for something like that!!!

  • bigwaverider

    I think you can add water to your back wheels that will help with traction. Seems like a chain saw would make faster work of removing the trees and then use the tractor for the roots.

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      It depends on the trees some stuff comes out really easy with the rake and the roots clean off easy with the rake other stuff isn't worth messing with and its better to just cut off at ground level.

  • meineke care care brakes mufflers tune ups
    meineke care care brakes mufflers tune ups

    at 8:40 I knock bigger trees over with my R/C car!

  • Merlin Cat
    Merlin Cat

    This does look. Good. I bought a pirrannah bucket teeth for that purpose but those damned saplings just fold down to spring back up afterward.. they are a major PITA to deal with even with a backhoe.

  • Muh Shekels
    Muh Shekels

    Easy on the cheeseburgers, chief!

    • Ryan E
      Ryan E


  • Randall Elliott
    Randall Elliott

    Colby Randall Elliott

  • erica mitchell
    erica mitchell

    Thanks for the video! Nice to see an attachment that doesn't cost thousands and actually works!

  • NastyJoker

    This would have been better than the manure fork attachment I had for my Kubota 3010. Those of you that have livestock and feed them in winter with a ring feeder know the job of moving it in spring. Tough to get a "bite" of it and when you do it's too heavy for the break out force of the loader. I so miss my Kubota. But, the old lady kicked the bucket and I didn't want to live there anymore. All gone. I loved the vid, thanks for sharing.

    • Repairman Jared
      Repairman Jared

      Ya it works great for cleaning up the feeding area in the spring.

  • duckman5849

    There called shackles ,not C bolts

  • Larry Acridge
    Larry Acridge

    Excellent review! I'll be purchasing one here soon. :-)

  • David Cogley
    David Cogley

    One of the best tools I've ever purchased.

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