Coronavirus: Italian city’s warning to the rest of the world
Sky News
Bergamo’s streets are empty as it deals with a devastating number of coronavirus-related deaths - and residents have a warning for others.
It is the worst-hit city in Italy, the country currently struggling the most with the coronavirus crisis.
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  • SARA

    Good chance for the rich countries to get rid of the old who drain tax money

  • 2allure

    Why Giorgio doesn't wear a mask?

  • Ahmad Alhaddad
    Ahmad Alhaddad

    No shouldn't say what he said at the last 10 seconds

  • be happy
    be happy

    repent Italy, and Have faith in God. God bless us all

  • Nelson Robert Willis
    Nelson Robert Willis

    Devastating. ☹ 💔

  • ali nawaz
    ali nawaz

    china warned yall literally months ago, but NO one listened, USING the ccp as an excuse. shamless

  • Tj777 888979
    Tj777 888979


  • Basi XD
    Basi XD

    dont hug chinese

  • Łysy2

    It crawled out from communist China's gutter...

  • e-force e-force
    e-force e-force

    I never thought in my life,like what I saw in the movies morbidly...will I experience this in my lifetime


    I am Chinese not a virus Please hug me

  • Divina Falco
    Divina Falco

    Lord pls.hear our prayers, heal the world😥😥😥

  • Sunil Singh
    Sunil Singh

    China furitively spread this virus a d brings big economies into ashes. China a cruel country successful in its mission.

  • greenhousecreations

    3rd world countries don't panic ..only such developed countries panic n worsen the disease ..they won't even have the immunity and drink smoke n spoil their health .. u should start some home remedies instead of depending on drugs for everything..

  • ilan6100

    "there is sadness everywhere"

  • Kevin Mike
    Kevin Mike

    I am afraid for us here in the Philippines. The number of cases are rising every single day. We don't have the the needed facilities. I'm afraid my country will stay at home. They need to go out to find food and feed their families. :(

  • Finn Eire
    Finn Eire

    Europe should of locked down when we seen this unfold in China. Why didn’t they that goes for England and Ireland Because it’s all a plan

  • Noore Henna
    Noore Henna

    May Allah bless 🙏 this World ameen

  • Rock Smile
    Rock Smile

    This virus is a beast. And should be respected.

  • Has Ping Bat Two
    Has Ping Bat Two

    If 2020 is a person, this year would be Judas

  • Mumbai reviews
    Mumbai reviews

    Already predicted in Islam ,Towards the end of times there will be widespread diseases and people will die in masses

  • Mj VS
    Mj VS

    India has done a very good thing by doing lockdown in early stages...still few people making mistakes but very good response from majority indians...come on india lets do it together

  • Vic Ragas
    Vic Ragas

    Everytime I'm watching documentary like this i can't hold my tears from falling, i can't Imagine the agony of all the people around the world. Their prayers, asking for help and begging for mercy 💔😭

  • FreedomOfSpeech

    It is not BerGAMo. It is BERgamo.

  • Bsk Oinam
    Bsk Oinam

    God plz recover very soon! We can't see this upset news.

  • innocent Childhood
    innocent Childhood

    America use atom bomb ?????

  • John Donne Show
    John Donne Show

    What happens with the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella has suggested residents hug Chinese people to encourage them in the fight against the novel coronavirus. History class in 2090: "This is how political correctness killed a whole country". #RipItaly

  • Jen S
    Jen S

    They were told not to be racist go hug a Chinese


  • lucky girl
    lucky girl

    Earth is healing, we humans have become Corona to mother Earth since the beginning

  • Zahwa Ramadhani
    Zahwa Ramadhani

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME WHICH IS BIRTHDAY IN QUARANTINE TIME edit : HBD to u guys who's birthday in this quarantine months i know it hurts that u can't celebrate :( hope next year will be a better birthday than this year :)))stay home and stay safe guys :))

  • Paul James Baseo
    Paul James Baseo


  • Liz Shoirp
    Liz Shoirp

    In kenya tumepewa cufwe people complain what about lockdown,oooh god please help us

  • Bezo Balo
    Bezo Balo

    I tedeschi e i francesi odiano l'Italia, quindi nessuno aiuta l'Italia! Anche la Turchia ci ha aiutato. L'Europa è disgustosa!

  • Kainat Noor
    Kainat Noor 100pcs disposable masks in 33 dollars

  • Tsering Tsering Dolker
    Tsering Tsering Dolker

    Deep Prayers...Ommane pyme hung...See how ccpchina destroyed Italy..creating suffering chaos worldwide..ccpchina only harms

  • Indian Vlogger Sima
    Indian Vlogger Sima

    See how we Indians are fighting against Corona Virus by staying home ,maintaining lockdown ,doing creative things in home (DIY washable mask).If u like it plzz subscribe #Indian.

  • Emperor_Penguin

    Mayor no face mask🤦

  • James Hampshire
    James Hampshire

    Someone get her an actual mask please.

  • H of The Stage
    H of The Stage

    I don't understand how these news guys just walk around not wearing masks or gloves, talk about how the virus has spread through the whole town but like it doesn't affect them. Why are they so ignorant, or do they like spreading it even more.. And the mayor is outside, no mask or anything.. I just don't understand it, why??

  • Kassa tv
    Kassa tv


  • AmeriKa1050

    Wear a mask.

  • Kevin Knight
    Kevin Knight

    Can any Italian tell me..if the dead Bodies are getting burried in tuphet and is it getting out of space for dead Bodies to be burried..?

    • A G
      A G

      They seem to be doing mass cremations instead of mass burials. They ship the bodies to different crematoriums and take them by military trucks because there are so many. I'm not Italian but they have videos about it.

  • zReapz_ St3R
    zReapz_ St3R

    Letztendlich juckt mich das nicht was in Italien passiert.

  • Fauzan Khisay
    Fauzan Khisay

    I would like to say each n every country who affected in COVID19. It's time to nuclear attack on China. Remove there name from world🌏 map. Boycott all chinis product with chinis virus. China 🇨🇳 is murderer. Why didn't they stop theirs airlines when they knew about their chinis virus

  • Hi Milly!
    Hi Milly!

    The other countries doesn’t listen. I bet the infected people globally will reach 1 million in just a matter of few days.

    • Hi Milly!
      Hi Milly!

      Jobs India yeah to think that yesterday it was just 800k.

    • Jobs India
      Jobs India

      It is already

  • Khan Jee
    Khan Jee

    What Italian does with dead bodies of crorona..?

  • japan y.?
    japan y.?

    war for china, boycott Chinese products

  • Andy Mcr
    Andy Mcr

    Human transformer for zombie take up city any where...

  • Welking Mine
    Welking Mine

    Ohh God..Help us.

  • Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan
    Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan

    ÃĹĹÀH pak In logo ku seht o tundrusti Ataa kryn,

  • Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan
    Ajwa goat farm M, Ahsan

    ÃĹĹÀH pak In logo ku seht o tundrusti Ataa kryn,

  • ajan terneto
    ajan terneto

    Turkey 🇹🇷 italian love 💚 İspanya Allah'u akbar covid

  • Error Error
    Error Error

    Just try and isolate if u can and KEEP UR DISTANCE from other ppl. Follow the rules and what pros are saying. Can't sit there and beg a god to solve all the world's problems. This is a general message.

  • ChuChild.

    Isn't this the same city that got interviewer and said "they're blowing this out of proportion". Oop-

  • Alyz Zefira
    Alyz Zefira

    I feel for this people. 😢 that first woman tried not to cry while talking about the virus but she just couldn't, the anguish that this brought to people. Stay strong everybody 😥😥

  • john sebu
    john sebu

    I really don't believe this corona virus thing because they said it is just a common cold so why panic? Creating fear for nothing. Next a vaccine will be created to kill people in the name of depopulation just watch. There's a lot coming out folks!


    No, the city of Wuhon has the highest death toll by a huge we may never REALLY know. Bonus salus Italia!

  • jee aunzo
    jee aunzo


  • Tiger Tuff
    Tiger Tuff

    It's a prophecy written in 1551,it's fulfilling...

  • sarath sk
    sarath sk

    World lockdown ...stay home

  • لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله
    لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله

    I hope all people in Italy die I hope 🤞

  • لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله
    لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله

    Nobody help Italian people Because the government stupid useless And selfish government The government in Italy is very very very dangerous People nobody help them 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • ali khan
    ali khan

    The curse of God on human for we being rapist liers cruel and involved in lust and sex out of marriage. This is something the beginning, wait for the worst to come.

  • thundervoltage adnarim
    thundervoltage adnarim

    Here in philippines we pray as much as we can we pray for italy and to the whole world..cause we believe there ara two kinds of prayer 1st a prayer from ur heart to god and 2nd a prayer from ur mouth and to ur self only.. So what do u think to the kind of prayer will god granted? we need to pray to the whole world not only to our country and to our self...may god bless the whole world in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit amen...

  • Carl Reyes
    Carl Reyes


  • bina m
    bina m

    Kenyans mmeskia hii kiherehere mkonayo mwache !!

  • A Person
    A Person

    Doctors and nurses fighting this war on the front lines are dying. Pray for them. Dear God have mercy on us.

  • Songs of song
    Songs of song

    Stay safe at home. God will help us! All the way from the 🇵🇭 Philippines.

  • Julie Holmes
    Julie Holmes

    My heart is with Italy and the whole word x stay home stay safe

  • begotten59

    Prayers for Italy 🙏🙏🙏

  • मी मुंबईकर
    मी मुंबईकर

    plz god help world 💐

  • LJ Marzula
    LJ Marzula

    An unseen enemy capable of wiping out masses. Let that sink in. God bless EVERYONE right now.

  • Suvesh Misra
    Suvesh Misra

    Why are there ads on this video... Unless they're using the ad money to donate towards this, it's unethical.

  • kunal saxena
    kunal saxena

    This really heartbreaking. So bad and sad.

  • English language with Kainat
    English language with Kainat

    Pray for humanity, pray for world, pray for your own brothers..may God bless u all.

  • rare calaor
    rare calaor

    Lesson learned... Dont hug chinese Dont trust China Rise italy.

  • johnny

    Italy facing colossal amount of death !!

  • Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4
    Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4

    Italy was hit hard without warning & Californians need to pay attention, but most only heed the warning until they can’t bear the inconvenience.

  • Dr K Chaudhry
    Dr K Chaudhry

    EMAILED TO UNION HEALTH MINISTER AND ALL ICMR SCIENTISTS :- Every Corona Death in the WORLD could be averted with Crystalline penicillin infusion 600 mg or 1 megaunit. In a crisis country, just try in 10 dying patients and publish your Clinical Trial report in 6 hours. What would WORLD lose if I am found wrong? Dr K Chaudhry FIRST Author of Jaypee Brothers