Caught CHEATING With Uber Driver !? 💔 The HOT Uber Driver Cheating Expirement!!
My friend Set me Up To See If I would Cheat With a Hot Uber Driver And Y’all Won’t Believe What Happened 😱
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  • Prettyboyfredo


    • Eduardo Palomares
      Eduardo Palomares

      Prettyboyfredo the 1st one

    • Hashim892


    • HoursOfAiming

      Prettyboyfredo sad

    • Cleon Harris
      Cleon Harris

      Your old video’s are… like with too much bad words

  • Krystian Newhook
    Krystian Newhook

    I’m fuckin deadddddd

  • Diana Costa
    Diana Costa

    15:42 it looked like Ava was lipsyncing Fredos voice 😂

  • Darkjelle

    i mean she looking fire so i can understand him

  • Juan Jose Bravo Romero
    Juan Jose Bravo Romero

    I need her ig

  • Moose

    I’ll be back when this nigga starts to stream and play PS4 again

  • Ali Quraishi
    Ali Quraishi

    They lowkey vibing

  • IMostValuable

    Who’s the white girl😭

  • Minecraft45p


  • Dro

    Anyone think she reminds you of anna from love island?

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez

    SHE BAD AF 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Elisha Williamson
    Elisha Williamson

    How far is the damn mall?

  • Paul Burton
    Paul Burton

    Who is this girl she looks hella familiar...?

  • Darryl Barlow
    Darryl Barlow

    I would have loved that 3some

  • Jun The Boss
    Jun The Boss

    I would cheat

  • Eric Narciso
    Eric Narciso

    This was great😂😂😂

  • Emmanuel Godwin
    Emmanuel Godwin

    I would never talk to that girl ever again

  • Master CBG
    Master CBG

    Shorty got her nipples out Nd everything I can’t blame him

  • Austin Seeger
    Austin Seeger

    YOOOOOOO this is dumb funny

  • ツDxsty

    What's her insta

  • cocaine freebase
    cocaine freebase

    What's her Insta pls

  • Shaq HOF
    Shaq HOF


  • Adult twerk Videos
    Adult twerk Videos

    2:14 that moment you hear a couple funk

  • Baby Rainbow
    Baby Rainbow

    Can everybody go support underground artists

  • Julie Dior
    Julie Dior

    When Ava sees this she is gonna be disappointed because her father is doing this

  • Just LiXeR
    Just LiXeR

    Woh woh can someone tell me what happed to jazmine

  • Just LiXeR
    Just LiXeR

    Bro you have changed o my gosh

  • FrostyPlayzXシ

    She lookes like a pornstar she’s probably looking for some d

  • Shook One
    Shook One

    She fly as fuck. But he’s a fucking idiot though, isn’t he?

  • Samir Gurung
    Samir Gurung

    Anyone notice she isn’t wearing any seatbelts

  • Sweeter Man_1
    Sweeter Man_1

    7:05 peep 👀

  • tj ok1
    tj ok1

    14:26 lmao

  • Los Castañeda
    Los Castañeda

    I'd eat it from the back 😅

  • trist parton
    trist parton

    that's what she gets for setting him up and I would of kissed the driver afterwards just to piss her off even more as she wanted to know if I would cheat well if she thinks I would it means she doesn't trust me simple as so might as well cheat if she thinks I would anyways

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia

    Why would he get a Uber if he got his own car🤨they set this up

  • Angela reece
    Angela reece

    No shade but this girl is ...BUILT LIKE A MAN😂😂💔

  • Alasdair Trotter
    Alasdair Trotter

    Hahaja got the bicht

  • madison ziegler
    madison ziegler

    wait a damn minute.... Jasmine?? where she at??

  • ChLLVbES

    He couldn’t even talk you know he fell for it a lil bit 🤣😂

  • Kenny Dulei
    Kenny Dulei

    Straight up loyal this nigga,

  • Night Life03
    Night Life03

    I’m not mad at u I would have been ready too lol

  • Lildrit

    she beat tf outta u .

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    As the only guy on the comments that actually fcked a uber driver ima say he not wrong, the driver i hit wasnt all that but how many people you know can say they did that ?

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    Yeah he didnt know what was going on, he was cheesing like a little kid

  • 1891 DIF
    1891 DIF

    let him have whatever girl he wants

  • Raquan Cruz
    Raquan Cruz

    That was type funny ngl

  • mohommad habibi
    mohommad habibi

    If you saw the camera why the fuck u go along with it. Obviously would've gone ahead with it. Fucking idiot. Got a child.

  • SpiZZy clips
    SpiZZy clips

    Thought this Wilson

  • Trepzy


  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez

    Dam she got folks thinking 😂😂😂😂dammm 😂😂😂😂

  • XD Nightcore
    XD Nightcore

    Crazy how my mans got to deals with these wishy washy females🤧

  • Jay Uzi
    Jay Uzi

    What’s her instagram the one in the black

  • Eddie Villa
    Eddie Villa

    I miss the old Fredo why Fredo like what about when you where the one suffering from this stuff also he used to make videos about this sorry fredo but I have been gone for a while and this is what I come for not fair.

  • The Infamous DSL
    The Infamous DSL

    She felt salty asf you can see it in her face

  • koas ghost
    koas ghost

    whats her ig i need it for a research project at school

  • Noobary GUCCI
    Noobary GUCCI

    soo your single after all this, and they gave you their tape after it fail ? it doesnt even make since, this is your own camera lol

  • Shotta Rudeboy23
    Shotta Rudeboy23

    Doesn’t he have a car why he taking an Uber

  • Alexis Rush
    Alexis Rush

    “ well looking at your history “ he cheated on Jasmine with that girl, that was confirmation right there. That’s why she couldn’t trust him because she knew how she got him.

  • Xifronic

    What happened to Jasmine

  • Entretenimiento Tv
    Entretenimiento Tv

    Bro the last part wasss like😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👊👊👊👊👊

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