Catherine Paiz & Austin McBroom | Their Secret Exes!! | The Ace Family
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Check out our Top 10 on Catherine Paiz expensive things:
Today we will be focusing on Catherine Paiz, wife to Austin McBroom and member of The Ace Family and her History of Exes. Which celebrities has she secretly dated? Who has she been with? We will explore that in this video.
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Writer / Host: Kara

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    New Video Series Alert!!! Top 10 Expensive Things Catherine Paiz Owns:

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      Angelina Orozcoo

      That’s not true

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      You speled it wrong am sorry

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      @Mohamed 🤣

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    Antonio Contreras

    Catherine’s last name wrong

  • Antonio Contreras
    Antonio Contreras

    You said it wrong

  • Slim/Thick🔥 Apostolic Chic🔥
    Slim/Thick🔥 Apostolic Chic🔥

    She doesn’t remember her ex’s because she was a stripper! Her own words out of her mouth not mine👀 That’s how she had and saved so much money before they had Elle.

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    Kiarna Armstrong

    I love

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    Well she it a bad girl 🤣😂

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    See she did have a nose job so she lied !!!

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    you should really stop talking about ace family they are incredible and amazing people not some foolish couple that you talk about that is really rude

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    omg, these comments are so stupid, like-

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    We all know the thumb nail was photo shopped 😂



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    Marie Ortiz

    ACE family I will never stop loving plus that’s the past so have any y’all seen the new ACE family song, the ACE family is the best couple And dang 2 kids already like OMG

  • Marie Ortiz
    Marie Ortiz

    Really why do you gotta expose him like that

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    Forget about the Past Focus about the Future

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    Fucken blon hair looken ass

  • Rosa Garcia
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    Your just hating bich

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  • Jenine Piper
    Jenine Piper

    OMG it is Amani

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    water girl1234

    Catherine is a 24/7 model you can literally take a shot any time and she would still look preety

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    life with melanie

    everyone in the comments who defend the ace family swears that they’ve met them. Acting like they know you exist 😂😂✌🏽 they just want it for the money y’all

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    maybelline Salgado

    Her last name is pranounsed Paa eee zz

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    I'm not interested in the online dating people! I'M HAPPILY MARRIED!

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    Don't listen she try to make dis like the aace family

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    Never fuck down People, Fuck Up !

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    Okay fuck yall leaf the ACE FAMILY alone fuck

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    someone looks like JUSTIN BEIBER

  • Switch up II
    Switch up II

    I’m pretty sure you pronounce it [pa-e-s-] since she’s from Panamá and Spanish pronunciation Is different


    she left Micheal B Jordan for that thing? 🤨😐😑

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    Lexi Reyes

    This girl looks lime she going out to a party at the beach I mean does you want Austin because they are perfect

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    Janels World

    It’s paiz (PaY-Z

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    Tatiana Martir

    I got surprised that Justin, Bieber and Catherine were together

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      Tatiana Martir they weren’t stupid it was Austin’s ex

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    Chloe Power

    I never knew about Catherine Justin n micheal

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    Aryan Patel

    that guy in the thumbail looks uglyyy

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    i aint saying she a gold digga but.... she aint messing wit no broke n****a

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    You suck just like your mama

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    The ace family is so fake how does she not remember her ex when it was Michael B Jordan?!?

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    U swaying side to side BITCH ITS ANNOYING

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    Wrong again

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    Michael b Jordan what I love him soooo much