What did you think of Bray Wyatt winning the Universal Championship?

    • Yo Boipat
      Yo Boipat

      Well I love cena

    • Elias Roy
      Elias Roy


    • William Hassell
      William Hassell

      I just found out Bray Wyatt, won ..... yowie zowie

    • Manuel Barrios
      Manuel Barrios

      Universal championship seth rollins no fiend bray wyatt

    • Carlos The Goat1
      Carlos The Goat1

      He the best character out

  • George Sanchez
    George Sanchez

    The it's ok I just got home from my mom house

  • Zain Kun
    Zain Kun

    Bray:"New Ruler Of Universal Titles" Goldberg: Am I A Joke To You?

  • Tiffany Barrett
    Tiffany Barrett

    New bray wryatt

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt

    The feind....is real

  • WillWrambles

    It goes from a bunch of creepiness to MUSCLE MAN DANCE <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a>.

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt

    The feind: and im the feind...im a sick twisted...and dark! and also what he didn't know he was The eater of worlds.

  • Omnilisk

    That “have a beautiful day” felt so genuine and nice amongst the sinister stuff it made me laugh.

  • Israel Galicia
    Israel Galicia

    Shh little 🍆

  • Korasu Talks
    Korasu Talks

    They literally wasted this walking bag of genius on bill fucking goldberg lmap

  • Dive Entertainment
    Dive Entertainment

    Who is here after Oldberg defeates the Fiend? Subscribe please, I AM SO PISSED

  • Lucas Walker
    Lucas Walker

    Why Velcro?

  • WillWrambles

    Honestly, that whole creepy image montage immediately cutting to The Muscle Man Dance cracks me up every time.

  • Kelvin Issac
    Kelvin Issac

    So theres 4 main championships right The heavy weight championship Wwe championship Smackdown universal championship Raw universal championship

  • CuriousBadger

    Why is he cute like this....

  • Elezabeth Rahman
    Elezabeth Rahman

    I'm a huge fan of the fiend

  • nicat tagizade
    nicat tagizade

    is this bray Wyatt


      Yeah I Have The Same Reaction When I Stopped Watching WWE in 2017

  • Sports Dawg101
    Sports Dawg101

    Glad they put the belt on him. Good decision wwe

  • The King Of Cool DavidTaylor
    The King Of Cool DavidTaylor

    I change my mind still don't over due anything but I like that show host bray Wyatt fights some times to give the fiend extra rest so we don't see him all the time then the fiend fights in the important fights other times

  • Jeremiah’s YouTube channel
    Jeremiah’s YouTube channel

    The fiend

  • Jays Geronca
    Jays Geronca

    LET ME IN Shirts for WWE Firefly Fun House, Bray Wyatt, The Fiend Fans --> teespring.com/this-is-awesome-shirt-blue


    Bray Wyatt will loose the title after 7 years

  • Lisa Hernandez
    Lisa Hernandez

    Abi is sister Abigail right

  • Darken Rahl
    Darken Rahl

    This guy is totally messed up in the head.. I like it 😁

  • john smith
    john smith

    Why does Bray Wyatt love "Let Me In" so much? "Let the Right One In" is SOOOOOO much better. Bray's such a fanboy for a shitty American remake.

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh

    Wwe is joke now.

  • Dan Russell
    Dan Russell

    no face in the firefly fun house

  • Stephano

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> Bray: “You like that?” Me: “Yes indeed I do”

  • Gilberto Roman
    Gilberto Roman

    Nooooo More Seth Rollins as champion

  • McDonald's Jollibee
    McDonald's Jollibee

    I stopped watching WWE when CM Punk left. Bray Wyatt was hated that time. I watched WWE again when CM Punk returned. Can please someone explain why people now love Bray Wyatt?

  • Tim Eaton
    Tim Eaton

    Love the firefly funhouse as found it cool interesting Esp seeing him with the tit,e as didn’t think would

  • Venge Sinner
    Venge Sinner

    The most stupidest gimmick since doink the clown

    • My Mania
      My Mania

      This is the best gimmick



  • Luigi

    Bray Wyatt had to tweet about the haters of this new title design. I mean honestly, the same people who are complaining are probably the same people that hijacked Balor vs. Rollins at Summerslam for the Universal title because of the red design. And who really cares anyway? They're just gonna switch it back to red when the title goes on RAW. There's really nothing to complain about here... for once!

  • Kapiche'

    I hate all the current top titles. Just the wwe logo and blue or red. BORING! Bring back the WCW Heavyweight belt!

    • Sebastian Castellanos
      Sebastian Castellanos

      I miss that title to... tbh that is one of my favorite belts ever....

  • Sam Honodel
    Sam Honodel

    Nice to meet you

  • Hamid Don
    Hamid Don

    ن ت و م ا ، ت ق ر ا و ، ا ل ح ر و ف ، ب ش و ي ة ، ب ص ح ، ك و ن ، ن ك ت ب ه ا ، هكا تقراوها بسرعة كي شغل سيارة خرجت من سيركيلاسيون ، و ر ج ع ت ، ت م ش ي ، ب ش و ي ة ، ك ي م ا ، ك ا ن ت 😂😂

  • saikat93ify


  • nacho barrientos
    nacho barrientos

    OMG fox their robbing you actually sucks

  • Steven Tolliver
    Steven Tolliver

    Rather see the 24/7 title than Bray as a champion

  • 쟈비스

    This color is better

  • Lemmy Head
    Lemmy Head

    I hate that belt.

  • CheChe_get_the_ Yayo
    CheChe_get_the_ Yayo

    CM Punk VS THe FiENd.....?

  • Disturbed540

    Best gimmick eeeeever!!!!! 💙 #LetMeIn

  • X 98
    X 98

    So let me understand this The sick twisted man = blue belt I lost hope

  • Matthew Hand
    Matthew Hand

    Red/blue doesn't matter that's still one ugly ass cheap looking belt

  • Matthew G Ministries -Baritine/Tenor 2
    Matthew G Ministries -Baritine/Tenor 2

    This is the Best thing WWE has done in a long time making Bray Universal champion. The moment WWE stops making pretty boys champion and starts listening to fans the better off they'll be. This video promo is proof of that.

  • Devyn Leighton
    Devyn Leighton

    I have a feeling that in a way, The Fiend and Bray Wyatt are actually different characters, but the same person. Bray is the kid friendly guy who has a dark side, he says that the Fiend is “him” and don’t make “him” mad. This tells us the Fiend is more of a dark side of Bray, not Bray himself. Bray, as long as you don’t make him upset, is actually just this kid friendly guy. But when you make him upset, he becomes the Fiend. The Fiend isn’t Bray Wyatt, he’s more of a Monster controlling Wyatt. For example, The Fiend is more of a Mind Control Option, like Bray can set himself to become the Fiend. You can’t see The Fiend and Bray Wyatt side by side, because they are different people, just in the same body. If you like this theory, maybe leave a like, and reply with your thoughts on this!

  • Yamian Dones
    Yamian Dones

    Bray Wyatt has evolved to the World Eater to the Ruler of Universe haha I like this so much

  • Shawna Goatcher
    Shawna Goatcher

    My husband is not happy with wwe move to a new station and drps the ball was watching raw and it froze up

  • 59newbreed


  • christian37ism

    Firefly fun house will be the demise of smack down ratings. I see this segment come on, and I cannot believe what I’m watching. Wwe went from the Rock, stone cold, Kane and more to this crap?

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres

    Its actually blue now

  • Mark Griffiths
    Mark Griffiths

    Is this that show with tom hanks and the singing and sweaters

  • Willie Johnson
    Willie Johnson

    Im glad Bray Wyatt won the universal championship. Bout damn time, I been rocking with him since he ever started. I been tired of Seth, I swear #TheFiend 🔥💯

  • Andy FünfZYL
    Andy FünfZYL

    He is so friendly

  • 308wce 05
    308wce 05

    Now this is what a wrestling character should be. He's almost got that 80/90s feel about him but with an edge. He almost makes you believe him.

  • Michigan fan
    Michigan fan

    What an ugly belt b original wwe

  • kirk andrews
    kirk andrews

    Wwe have crossed over to the dark arts , if u don't know what I mean by the "dark arts" ,look into it .

  • Malcolm Washer
    Malcolm Washer

    Hope he has a decent regien.hope he doesnt just drop.it next paperveiw

  • stripe801

    i wish they used the custom universaL titLe he showed on instagram about a year or 2 ago. it was bad ass

  • Cerino Gold
    Cerino Gold

    They need a completely new design for the title now, unless they plan on switching them back, I'd love to see the return of the big gold belt

  • Spanish Robocop
    Spanish Robocop

    This is “Bike Shop Owner from Diff’rent Strokes” levels of unsettling.

  • nooobiechild

    This man rivals Matt Hardy. Imagine the feud between them I mean holy SHIT..

  • Ram Jam
    Ram Jam

    The fiend's face on the belt is amazing!

  • ChrisFSP

    I hope you guys didnt forget. Roman Reigns is in the same show as Bray. RIP FIEND :(

  • d p
    d p

    Most exciting character for YEEEEEEEEEEEEARS!

  • Fear the Mandela effect
    Fear the Mandela effect

    Fucking faggot wwe trying to make adult swim style videos lol. Dumb fucks

  • Julio Cesar Romero Miranda
    Julio Cesar Romero Miranda

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> : Joker :D

  • The Supreme Noodle
    The Supreme Noodle

    I’m definitely going to start watching the WWE again. This is beautiful

  • Fatalizer808

    Bray’s been my favorite wrestler since 2016, and seeing makes me so happy that WWE is finally giving him the attention he deserved

  • Bigcheker12

    In a Promo 2015 against The Undertaker "I've been called many names in the past.. Seducer, Accuser, Destroyer, but you? You may call me Bray" And this one with Genius and Sex Symbol.. hmm. First, this guy is a legend for recycling his Promos and making them even better. And second, does that now actually mean its gonna be him vs Taker?

  • surya sk
    surya sk

    Weast fellow

  • Steven Hibbert
    Steven Hibbert

    Mick foley wannabe

  • Stevie Smith
    Stevie Smith

    I miss the old bray wyatt.

  • Paul Laczo
    Paul Laczo

    Well deserved

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens

    This is why everyone is watching AEW.

  • Writing Knights
    Writing Knights

    This is the first Firefly Funhouse I have watched. I will need to let him in...

  • Justin Lynch
    Justin Lynch

    WWE really need to change that belt. Wyatt is on SmackDown, the BLUE brand. The bright red stap looked stupid enough on RAW but at least it fit with RAW's red lighting. It's going to look doubly as stupid on SmackDown.

  • Dustin Julien
    Dustin Julien

    Dude i hope his new character NEVER ends. He is unpredictable and kind of a loose cannon, just to think what a dynamic a mask could add to put somebody over. smh. But Wyatt as the Fiend was an excellent choice.