Thanks to all you Mythical Beasts out there, we were able to create a brand new Mythical Kitchen! Here's a tour of this beautiful space where we're going to be whipping up a ton of awesome new food content coming your way. Stay tuned! MK #001
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  • Nissa S.
    Nissa S.

    Who thinks that when there's a Food Fears Surstrumming episode, Noah Grossman should be the guest?

  • Amber Boring
    Amber Boring

    Does anyone else want to see Josh compete on Food Network's Chopped? Chopped MNsoft Edition: Chef Josh vs. Chef Babish vs. (insert 2 other chefs here)

  • Elizabeth Layton
    Elizabeth Layton

    It would be super cool if at the end of your videos you posted a quick graphic of all the ingredients to what youre cooking. btw the fish sauce looks awesome!

  • Little Tracks
    Little Tracks

    Keep Trevor. He is great.

  • Brudny Nurek
    Brudny Nurek

    Electric cooktop? Josh, why no gas?

  • Brudny Nurek
    Brudny Nurek

    Why is deathwish in the nightmare drawer? It's just coffee.

  • Gameing Dominator
    Gameing Dominator

    Just saying in a three compartment sink it’s wash rinse then sanitize

  • Edward P. Shikles
    Edward P. Shikles

    Wow, Nicole has a very attractive personality! She shouldn’t have any trouble falling in love- or rather, she shouldn’t have any trouble with a guy falling in love with her XD

  • Zee Anon
    Zee Anon

    i'm so surprised they don't use gas stoves

  • Jacquelyn Finn
    Jacquelyn Finn

    I am so happy about this!

  • Curdle Games
    Curdle Games

    You guys are adorable, love this!

  • Carla Foss
    Carla Foss

    Way to go... now the Alexa alarm’s gonna go off in 10 minutes and I’m gonna be all ‘what’s that sound??!!’

    • Carla Foss
      Carla Foss

      Haha! It went off and totally startled me! 😆😆😆

  • Michael McMillan
    Michael McMillan

    My biggest takeaway: more delicious food will be made that we are left drooling over and trying to guess their recipes

  • Tuftypinkchicken

    I understand industrial but kitchen walls are supposed to be smooth and easy to clean. Maybe they aren't subject to Health Department inspections?

  • Janell Smith
    Janell Smith

    It's an Abesker(sp?) pan...its like Norwegian Ball like pancakrs

  • Joshua Cruz
    Joshua Cruz

    Total dream job! Can't wait to see the new content! 🙌

  • Jānis Cauņa
    Jānis Cauņa

    My favourite YT channel from now on.

  • Melissa Sugar Glider Mom
    Melissa Sugar Glider Mom

    Was anyone else waiting for Trevor to call out "COOKIES!" at the end? Lol

  • Anna Hjort Danielsen
    Anna Hjort Danielsen

    The wird pan with the round indents are a danish pan for making “æbleskiver”

    • Michelle Burlingame
      Michelle Burlingame

      Takoyaki and aebelskivers are the same thing but from different countries. They’re made in the same type pan.

  • Jai Alexander
    Jai Alexander

    So excited for what’s to come you guys!

  • Jarad Reed
    Jarad Reed

    This is SO AWESOME! I can't wait to see so much more of this!! MK for the WIN!

  • Sara Moore
    Sara Moore

    When was the first time you ever had death anxiety lol yes I totally get it ha ha I remember my first time ha ha

  • emcee equals DuB
    emcee equals DuB

    co-workers - trying very hard to be clean josh - double dips into peanuts /cuts raw chicken on herb board chewing and talking and spitting everywhere hahaha

  • Daniel H.
    Daniel H.

    "Hit the woah fam" and I already dont want to watch this video anymore

  • Nicholas Kelting
    Nicholas Kelting

    I want a kitchen that big lol

  • gng 999
    gng 999

    Glad to see a Persian girl in mythical crew. Tah_dig is so damn delicious 🔥🔥🥰🥰

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    Josh and Nicole are the parents and Trevor is there kid. XD

  • GolldenFalcon

    Add this to my list of cooking channels to watch.

  • OmarTheArab

    I have officially fallen in love w Nicole, if you’re ever around I’m in jersey let’s go to a bar 💕

  • Clive Warren
    Clive Warren

    I just realized Nicole is short when i saw her next to Chase. Attractiveness has now increased tenfold. Short girls are the best girls.

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      The wall of "Link don't touch"

  • Courtney Haggerty
    Courtney Haggerty

    Death anxiety. “Is this how you vlog?” Lol

  • Clive Warren
    Clive Warren

    Just keep the camera on Nicole :)


    Love this already ❤️

  • Boris Olivia
    Boris Olivia

    Where is Glorb Glorb???

  • pvic


  • Nate Bogue
    Nate Bogue

    "Never falling in love" as she looks deep into Josh's eyes! xD

  • Caitlin L
    Caitlin L

    Trevor fits in perfectly with the group!!!

  • caleb mundle
    caleb mundle

    Lmao The spirit knife😂

  • Casey Rotenberger
    Casey Rotenberger

    Video Idea: WHO CAN MAKE THE BEST EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH so many options I’d love to see what y’all came up with

  • Weirdone Rules
    Weirdone Rules

    As a culinary student, this is awesome!

  • MsShades707

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

  • Swelly McSweggin
    Swelly McSweggin

    Anyone know the brand or anything about the “Rambo” knife? I’m looking for a new sheath for mine that I inherited from my grandpa.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Big high, that's a normal kitchen range temp

  • trueictoann

    Nicole.... mmmmmmm.mmm...mmm

  • Belle Rose Chan
    Belle Rose Chan

    The wall of "Link don't touch"

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark

    Congratulations on the new kitchen

  • Kmartino

    Bring post Malone to be a guest in the mythical kitchen!!!

  • Stephanie Lockhart
    Stephanie Lockhart

    Josh: When's the last time you had death anxiety? Nicole: What are you asking?! Josh: Haha, I dunno! Is this how you vlog?!

  • LaurenTiare

    “It’s crispy not burnt” I need that on a shirt!

  • Michele Luney
    Michele Luney

    Sooo, did anyone else's Alexa set a timer AND go off after the video ended!?

  • Sam Stanfield
    Sam Stanfield

    Oops I fell in love with Trevor

  • Razeeyeh .I
    Razeeyeh .I

    ماکارونی! Iranian Macaroni !Love it

  • MrMadmark7

    Thanks for setting a 10 minute alarm for me.

  • Dan Rockefeller
    Dan Rockefeller

    Don't touch the sugar in the pan when making caramel. Swirl it as it melts and browns.

  • Jeffery Duke
    Jeffery Duke

    So excited!

  • Azenturi

    Only thing I'd say is point the camera could do with being pointed lower. It seems like people's heads are being given a _lot_ of excess room in some of the shots. (4:55 to 5:00 in particular and a few of the close-up self shots.)

  • atlys

    That's a sweet kitchen to make all kinds of RAT RANCH YEA!!

  • Cooper Berry
    Cooper Berry

    Thanks for setting a timer on my Alexa

  • Justin Satterfield
    Justin Satterfield

    I was thinking you would have done more of an industrial look..hmm

  • Z.G.W

    I wanna eat there I would pay anything......under $20😂😂 cause I'm infact poor😐😐😂

    • Z.G.W

      I was vary much wanting this to happen and now it did finally 🤘😆🤘