Austin Confirms Cheating On Catherine Multiple Times (Ace Family)
Austin Confirms Cheating On Catherine Multiple Times (Ace Family)
In today's video I look at the recent drama surrounding Austin McBroom and the cheating rumours. Over the past year he's constantly getting called out, for getting with other girls while have a girlfriend and two kids.
Enjoy the video!
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  • C A M E R O N
    C A M E R O N

    Listen Auction didn’t cheat cause, this was a long time ago before Catherine and Austin were together, and I know this cause of his looks, and I know he’s loyal to Catherine, so please support the ace family cause they did everything they could do to make everyone happy 😞

  • Dee

    Are you the ace family its not your binstenz so stay away from this 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Lea Payne
      Lea Payne

      Oh my god a triggered ace family member has entered the chat

  • jewels grace
    jewels grace

    Austin is a sick fuck and did it

  • Cody King
    Cody King

    I careless if he is a cheater they are trash and i careless what ace 8year old fan says to me. But until your a PARENT you wouldnr understabd. They sell posters of their daughters dor any pervert to have. Also as a family who goes on vacations without wach orher or your children. Then when they are always alone how is watching then children if they have a nanny i can't see why not one of them have to work

  • a Belton
    a Belton

    Ugly ass boy

  • Mackinze Anderson
    Mackinze Anderson

    If this is true whey didn’t Cole go to cops but he put it online because he wanted money

  • Sofia Turunen
    Sofia Turunen

    U are trash

  • Adopt Me !
    Adopt Me !

    Who else went straight to the comment section? Just me?…

  • kim taehung
    kim taehung

    Do y'all really have proof have y'all ever Sall Austin cheat have y'all ever Sall Austin 'kissing' another girl Of then WTH

  • Cristian’s Adventure
    Cristian’s Adventure

    Stop liying or then the ace family be talking about the news that Asutin cheat on her

  • Camilla Thorvaldsen
    Camilla Thorvaldsen

    C’mon guys. For real. I dont beileve it. First of all, Its not our buisness. Second of all, if he actually has cheated on Catherine, it shouldn’t be in public. This should be privat between the people that’s involved. WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! So please just stop. I won’t believe it until the Ace family confirm it. Just my opinion. BTW hope you have a nice day!✨💕

  • Blina Bresa
    Blina Bresa

    Ace Family fan 4life♥️

  • Itz_gachalife queen Bri
    Itz_gachalife queen Bri


  • Itz_gachalife queen Bri
    Itz_gachalife queen Bri

    Hey didn't it is clickbait and I think you should stop and I love the ace family you should stop ok

  • Kellyah’s World
    Kellyah’s World



    Why is this dudes head mad big

  • Alondra Rodriguez
    Alondra Rodriguez

    That’s not even true u guys are cutting parts y’all JUST WANT FUCKING CLOUT STOPPO what if others did that to won’t like it would u NO U WONT SO STOP

  • G,T,C Official
    G,T,C Official

    Fake ness 🙂

  • Ilove you
    Ilove you

    I can't stand these videos, especially bc yall believing this shit, like come on now do better, like how you get they message stoopid ass bitch 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Alina S
    Alina S

    Austin would never cheat on her this vid is faker than fake

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer


  • Ena Weyulu
    Ena Weyulu


  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    Everybody I just want to tell you do not follow this guy ever because he’s a liar he is jealous and I’m not gonna believe that not even a bit but even if he punch me in the face I’m not he’s a liar I’m gonna punch your ass he told epic this but you know you’re out of your mind just telling you because you are a jerk you are a jerkPlease please I am believe me because this guy is a toad his friends and him are crazy I don’t have my heart they don’t exist and they MNsoft channel is disgusting all I’m gonna say and I hope you feel unsecured you which you asked

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer

    You liar you’re just jealous weirdo I wish I can punch your face it you’re evil weirdow

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer


  • T Shia
    T Shia

    i rate this guy ace family USE THEY KIDS FOR FAME WDF

  • Jessica Acevedo
    Jessica Acevedo

    Yeah this is fake

  • Jassive Valenzuela
    Jassive Valenzuela

    Lir lir

  • Julie Jacinto
    Julie Jacinto

    Umm can you speak English first?? You suck dude 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Maria Villalobos
    Maria Villalobos

    Dont trust social media you never now if they are lying

  • Lauren Lowe
    Lauren Lowe

    Y’all really need to stop for real cause this stuff is getting out of hand and some of kids out here laughing and ain’t nun funny he probably made this just get likes y’all need to really need to leave the ace family only cause I bet ain’t no body came to they house and confront them so leave they only and some of y’all are not true fans cause if y’all was y’all would have supporting the ace family and that’s the ☕️ tea

  • Natalie Rushton
    Natalie Rushton

    He wasnt paid. Cole is full of shit

  • Gizelle _pretty123
    Gizelle _pretty123

    And we need more freaking evidence

  • Gizelle _pretty123
    Gizelle _pretty123

    Cole and all of the haters that think that just wants fame

  • Vanlal Muanpuia
    Vanlal Muanpuia

    Can you speak in English?

  • Julyana Morales
    Julyana Morales

    Is this really truth? Yes or no

    • Itz_gachalife queen Bri
      Itz_gachalife queen Bri

      Noo it's not true

  • Jospeh Jophep
    Jospeh Jophep

    Holy shit

  • Stephanie Leon
    Stephanie Leon

    fuck you and your clickbait ass videos .

  • Fatima Rosas
    Fatima Rosas


  • Nabila Ellabudi
    Nabila Ellabudi

    Stop it fam

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