100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED
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Revisiting the 100 Eggo Challenge!!
7.7lb and 9000 Calories of a pretty unbalanced breakfast.
This challenge was also preparation for the 2019 SJ Barracuda's World Waffle Eating Championship.
--- Original 100 Eggo Challenge Video
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  • malik asif healthy food
    malik asif healthy food

    Hi hi help subscribe my channel

  • Anna Pham
    Anna Pham

    I just realized he’s sacrificing his health for entertainment

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan

    I wonder what he orders on his dates..

  • Ashish Kumar
    Ashish Kumar

    Aree janmo janmo ke bukhe . Utha re le baba utha le ,mujhe nhi is bhuke ko utha le😂😂


    I'd just use you as my appetizer

  • J Mac
    J Mac

    Eleven is shook

  • L1senokk _1
    L1senokk _1

    RUSSIAN BLOGGER ATE ORDER BIG SMOKE from GTA and BROKE Your record Matt Stonie

  • Mkasiri Msebenzi
    Mkasiri Msebenzi

    if eleven watches the video will she use her powers to get the eggos ;-;

  • ck yap
    ck yap

    I sincerely hope Matt Stonie stays healthy forever despite eating so much food (probably unhealthy) so that he does more eating videos

  • danskF iwnl
    danskF iwnl

    MATT YOU LOOSE :DDD - mnsoft.info/hd/video/iHrGnMOEiNRra4M ; your record from GTA broke Russian !!!

  • Fake Taxi
    Fake Taxi

    Plot Twist: Matt's stomach leads to another dimension



  • Vadim Dolinsky
    Vadim Dolinsky

    Channel Abracadabra have beaten your record)

  • sava top
    sava top

    Накиньте лайков, пускай думают что я написал что-то прикольное)

  • Jan Vivar
    Jan Vivar

    Do a Mukbang video pleasee!!! :)

  • Tol1ka22

    Can we get video on q&a?

  • It's Tina
    It's Tina

    How are you not fat yet 😂

  • Fatima Hajmi
    Fatima Hajmi

    i challenge you to eat 100,000 calorises of food an the time limit is 5hourses

  • Вячеслав Симакович
    Вячеслав Симакович

    New record 9000 calories , russian serega abracadabratv.!!

  • Sejong Gong
    Sejong Gong

    Congratulation 10 m subscribers 형 다이아 버튼 추카한다

  • Sunshine Nugget
    Sunshine Nugget

    Eleven be quaking

  • Dave charmander
    Dave charmander

    I just thought you should know ,I watch probably 100 MNsoft videos a week, for the last 6 years or so, I'm subscribed to 4 people or so, I've been watching you for years , it was time to make the commitment.. congrats on 10 mil.. glad to become a part of it. #209 #Calilove

  • Leo B
    Leo B

    Indigestion must hit him like a truck

  • Harut

    Matt one guy from Russia his name is Seryoga from mnsoft.info/auth/jm6XUTNSz8Q68WqJIMJ0eQ.html eaten big smokes order for 32 minutes faster than you, maybe you try to break this record

    • Святослав Осипов
      Святослав Осипов

      Надеюсь увидит 😄

  • Hero Munchen
    Hero Munchen

    Matt try the one chip challenge or Paqui chip.Note:you Will hate it

  • Tostilocos

    Dude why don’t you get a heating lamp and use it during the close ups?

  • Разоблачения


  • Никита Безуглый
    Никита Безуглый

    How has this guy not yet become bold???😱

  • VeNoM Oasis
    VeNoM Oasis

    It would be a dream to have 10mil subs and all I do is stuff food inside my mouth

  • Никита Сухов
    Никита Сухов

    Hello Matt Stonie your record broke the order of big smouk mnsoft.info/hd/video/iHrGnMOEiNRra4M

  • Don Worez
    Don Worez

    Привет Мэтт Стоуни тво рекорд по преданию заказа БИК Смоука побит Алексеем )

  • Nohchi Borz
    Nohchi Borz

    Интересно сколько ему еще осталось жить

  • Приколюха


  • terra arret
    terra arret

    *Кто от АБРАКАДАБРЫ?*

  • Yazz Megbil
    Yazz Megbil


  • Артем Иванов
    Артем Иванов

    Serge, from the channel Abracadabra broke your record! Сергей зверь!!!

  • Just Watch
    Just Watch

    I challenge you to eat like Goku from Dragon Ball Z

  • Hamza

    Hey Matt Stonie Could You Make Video Of Twix Challenge

  • NeGaTiVe 000
    NeGaTiVe 000

    Matt stonie look at the russian man who broke your record, channel "ABRACADABRA TV" русские лайкаем чтоб мэтт стони увидел)

    • Withard 228
      Withard 228


  • Sergei Dudukchyan
    Sergei Dudukchyan

    mnsoft.info/hd/video/iHrGnMOEiNRra4M 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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