10 Times Neil Peart Was the Best Drummer on Earth
Rest in Power to the #Rush icon.
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  • DoomRoomRecords

    Tom Hanks will definitively be the actor in Neil's biopic

  • marcenciels

    No compromise. That's what I loved about the men in Rush Many drummer's I loved, but he was my favorite, plus a brilliant lyricist to top it off. Neil worked hard, the band worked hard and they all together were "unique". You like or you don't, no time to hate, a very noble gentleman has brought joy to many many souls.

  • The Oz
    The Oz

    A modern day warrior

  • HRRoach

    He was a great inspiration to everyone. Being the best musician and poet, his work reached so many people on this planet, and will always do so in the music. So I see this as a wake up call, I am either going to go buy a drumkit again, or get a mohawk.

  • Jack Madden
    Jack Madden

    It aint easy bein cheesy R.I.P. to a real legend

  • salad6

    RIP Mr Milton Banana

  • Jack G London
    Jack G London

    To everybody else out there seeing people who say Peart wasn’t the best drummer ever, or that Rush sucks, just remember that those people are ignorant and be thankful that you aren’t Neil Peart you will be remembered

  • The Analog kid Rush
    The Analog kid Rush


  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas

    Ride free, Professor. Thank you.

  • Renato Assis
    Renato Assis

    10 times? He was the best til his death

  • Karen Kavon
    Karen Kavon

    Only 10? Don't you mean "every time he picked up the sticks"?

  • Gary Reams
    Gary Reams

    Sorry, not the best drummer on Earth. Not as good as Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Simon Phillips, Chris Coleman, Max Roach, Joe Morello, Mike Portnoy and many others.

  • Neil Dougherty
    Neil Dougherty

    the man that got credit for some of rushes greatest songs that he didn't write very over rated drummer

  • Allister Fiend
    Allister Fiend

    "10 times"? Don't you mean his whole existence??

  • Spencer Martin
    Spencer Martin

    10 times? He has always been the greatest drummer on Earth.

  • Ramey Chisum
    Ramey Chisum

    I went to see Rush about 15 years ago after Neil beat cancer the first time. It wasn't a great concert, until his drum solo...


    🙏 0:36 💖 👇👇

  • D. O.
    D. O.

    Era mucho más que un batería, era sacar sonidos de percusión de donde nadie se pensaba que podían salir. Además con una técnica soberbia. Un Dios.

  • truth and common sense warrior
    truth and common sense warrior

    Ten times he proved he was the best.

  • Darla Cummings
    Darla Cummings

    Amen. 💙

  • Guillermo Jimenez Castelblanco
    Guillermo Jimenez Castelblanco

    Simply, Neil at the top!!!! No one plays like this, only him...seems that God needs more advanced drum lessons over there in heaven... wil be missed for long, long time, may be for ever. So sad...young drummers, please begin to learn with this sacred man basis, grooves, dynamics, powerfull and taste performings... I guess would be the best tribute to him..R.I.P. Neil... God bless you.

  • Justin Franks
    Justin Franks

    He was always the best and will always be the best in my eyes and ears,Rest in peace Neil you are a legend

  • Jeff Trujillo
    Jeff Trujillo

    This is what the Astros vs. Red Sox games must sound like!

  • ednoled

    "10 Times Neil Peart Was the Best Drummer on Earth" I was thinking "how can he make a video of all the live albums in 5 minutes !?!"

  • Hugo Alonso
    Hugo Alonso

    que tristeza !!! enorme perdida. Ojala el resto de la banda siga dando conciertos en su honor

  • Professor Taboo
    Professor Taboo

    “I can worship Nature, and that fulfills my need for miracles and beauty. Art gives a spiritual depth to existence -- I can find worlds bigger and deeper than my own in music, paintings, and books. And from my friends and family I receive the highest benediction, emotional contact, and personal affirmation. I can bow before the works of Man, from buildings to babies, and that fulfills my need for wonder. I can believe in the sanctity of Life, and that becomes the Revealed Word, to live my life as I believe it should be, not as I'm told to by self-appointed guides.” ― Neil Peart, The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa BOOM!!! (drop the mic & drumsticks on the floor)

  • Yuval Ron
    Yuval Ron

    3:38 Tom Hanks. RIP Neil Peart. A great loss!

  • biffo1960

    So sad

  • Conner Plays Bass, But Is That All?
    Conner Plays Bass, But Is That All?

    He didn't play drums. He was the drums. Not abstract art, He played memoirs that should be crafted in gold.

  • TJ

    peart was a very good drummer, now that he's gone does not make him the greatest.

  • simon tills
    simon tills

    Match grip. Buddy would not approve. He'll have a word with him I'm sure. May not do any good, though. Have to see what Ginger and Carl think. Rush. Best damn live show you'd ever see. I pity anyone who didn't. RIP

  • Greenlichtie Greenlichtie
    Greenlichtie Greenlichtie

    The day Buddy Rich passed away was one of them

  • greymajickjedi

    When Neil died, HEAVEN GOT LOUDER

  • v7MDv

    "it ain't easy being cheesy"

  • Mike King
    Mike King

    So if Rush finds a new drummer, they won't be able to play their old stuff

  • justafanintexas

    Then how is it Carl Palmer holds every record for open stroke roll, single stroke roll and multiple cadence and Peart isn't even in the top 5 for any of them? Palmer was clocked at more strokes per minute across the kit than any percussionist ever.

  • Rafa Torres
    Rafa Torres

    Yeah because Bonzo was already dead


    Must Be Canadian!!!!! Those Canadians are a different kind of People-AWESOMENESS-Personified!!!!!! VIVA CANADA VIVA!!!

  • Henrydanger089

    Rest in Peace Legend

  • Derpster

    I like the part where I heard some drum noises.

  • Yankee

    Every time I hear Neil Peart's name, I think of this scene from "I Love You, Man". Peter: Are you ready to get your mind blown? Zooey: Do it! Peter: You wanna get some Neil Peart all up in ya? Zooey: I dunno. Peter: Well, prepare to be...RUSHIFIED!

  • Jr. Samples BR549
    Jr. Samples BR549

    Indubitably Irreplaceable... The Professor has left the drumkit 🏺

  • Roger Neal
    Roger Neal


  • C List
    C List

    10 times ? He was always the best drummer and has inspired 99.9% of any current drummer. Much respect for Neil , I would say a moment of silence in his memory, but I'm almost certain Neil would prefer a moment of solo. Rest in Peace Neil. You will be missed.

  • Jerry Robitaille
    Jerry Robitaille

    Neil was the best drummer I have ever seen. Absolutely incredible playing.

    • eric kaufmann
      eric kaufmann

      well then,you should go get some coke bottle glasses,cause you cant see!!!!!!!!!

  • Decimus Azrael lll
    Decimus Azrael lll

    There's only one time he was the best drummer on Earth- ALWAYS.

  • Nunzio Raso
    Nunzio Raso

    Neil Peart may be the most influential drummer of all time. I know many will argue the point, but that guy changed the way thousands of musicians and drummers approached music and drumming. Yes, Moon, Bonham, and many others had influence, but for me Peart's style transcended anything before that era. He was a new precedent that thousands aspired to, self included.

  • Anona Mouse
    Anona Mouse

    It's a nice tribute, but like Neil's life, this is too short.

  • melvin silalahi channel
    melvin silalahi channel

    Last Jedi of Drumming History

  • 3waver

    People went to Rush concerts for the drum solo. What other band can you really say that about?

  • H Nguyen
    H Nguyen

    John Bonham and Cozy Powell are my favorites. RIP gentlemen.

  • Tamil Kant
    Tamil Kant

    Pretty good but needs more cowbell.

  • Robert Cozart
    Robert Cozart

    I'm sorry that he is gone, but speeding up the videos does him no favors and is ultimately disrespectful to his legacy.

  • mr zed
    mr zed

    We are slowly losing the best musicians. Soon we'll be left with assholes like Bieber

  • matt kal
    matt kal


  • Lalo Falsini
    Lalo Falsini


  • James Macchi
    James Macchi

    Now he is playing drums in the heavens with Bonzo and Moon

  • Pierre Trépanier
    Pierre Trépanier

    How can 900 people give it thumbs down. WTH.....

  • Rafael Nunes
    Rafael Nunes

    You see this Neil peart doing this...than you see archspire drummer doing the same thing at 350bpm.

  • househansa

    How to describe Neil Peart's style to the average person. You take Keith Moon and hit the Quantize button.