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Millennial Farmer
Millennial Farmer

I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of 'misinformation' has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a 'smarter' farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and businesses to help better understand other farming and business practices. There is no limit to where this channel may go, so please join me!!

  • Richard Pierson
    Richard Pierson

    You should get a remote control skidsteer or dozer to put in the drier to clean it out.

  • David J. Kester
    David J. Kester

    I got to hand it to you. win my back is out im face down in bed for days.

  • Everyday Fisher
    Everyday Fisher

    Whats the difference between cleaning the dryer the way you did compared to using a Air hose.

  • Daniel Dunbar
    Daniel Dunbar

    Is that light fluffy stuff the things that grain dryer fires are made of?

  • Gary Roth
    Gary Roth

    Testing out new edits, eh?

  • Christopher Mirabile
    Christopher Mirabile

    Zach: speaking of merch, how about some Carhartt stuff? I'd proudly wear a Carhartt jacket with the MF logo on it!

  • Rk0788 k
    Rk0788 k

    Send that Minneapolis Moline up to the Welkers so they can restore it for you.

  • Kevin Roylance Photography
    Kevin Roylance Photography

    Acupuncture for tractor back is the way to go

  • Justin'z SRT8
    Justin'z SRT8

    You need to do a calibration vid with Rodeo Video. A cattle farmer that has thousands of cows that does a daily vlog. Really cool channel

  • Darrel Stinson
    Darrel Stinson

    There should be “clean out” augers in the bottom of the grain dryer.

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen

    I expected a "are you ok" bit with the JLG lift when it got stuck ....

  • Tao Rain
    Tao Rain

    how thf can you even call yourself fat

  • Sander

    must be some industrial vacuum suitable to clear out that mess no?..saves a whole lot of hours and cleaning up afterwards if you ask me.

  • Kevin Christiansen
    Kevin Christiansen

    Great video

  • Dylan scoots
    Dylan scoots

    Zack how long until the farming sim map comes out

  • David Holdridge
    David Holdridge

    You should get quick disconnect terminals for the battery charger to plug in the trucks to avoid dismantling the step each time you need a charge. like the kind a tow truck uses


    💥 I show snow removal vids all winter on my channel. Your audience would probably love it. 👍 Hope your feeling better! Keep on tractoring!

  • Luke Grekat
    Luke Grekat

    Go to a chiropractor. Get monthly "back adjustments." It takes 15 minutes. First time you go, he'll probably want to ex-ray your back to see what's going on. My chiropractor has a monthly plan, it's cost me $30 a month. I've been going since 1995, works great. My back goes out about once a year, or after I do something heavy.

    • Jason Jason
      Jason Jason


  • wolfeye 62
    wolfeye 62

    Our wash day was in the snow

  • Nick Kercheval
    Nick Kercheval

    FBN in Omaha sounds interesting but I’ll be in St Louis to be sworn in as a new director on the national USB board. I really like your message and how you are getting out to the general public. I know it takes a lot of time and dedication. Keep it up!

  • JDdriver95

    i live on a pigfarm in germany and iam impressed how similar the german and the US farms are! But the problem is that our gouverment is basicly destroying us...we make 1 step forward and 4 back.:/

  • Mike Clemens
    Mike Clemens

    I CANNOT BELIEVE YOUR DRYER DIDN'T BURN DOWN!!!! We have a Caldwell/Chief mix flow dryer. Nice and clean inside.

  • Richard Crookes
    Richard Crookes

    Wouldn't it be easier with a large industrial wet and dry shop vac?

    • Kevin Koster
      Kevin Koster


  • Ben Matheson
    Ben Matheson

    Hey mate glad harvest went well for you but I've got a quick question for you umm how would I get my hands on a fbn jacket like you wear hahaha

  • christian sealand
    christian sealand

    Los Angeles missed you.

  • JCLawn51

    I listen to about 4 hrs of podcasts a day and I must say yours is up there on my list to listen too. Interesting topics interwoven with my kind of humor.


    Zach your back problem. I am an ag mechanic on a north east Montana farm & ranch. About 3 years ago I bought an Innova inversion table. When I came home I would go 45° for 20 minutes. You have to work up to the degrees & to the time. It keeps me out of the chiropractor office. It may not do a thing for grain dryer cleaning time. But every morning after using it, I feel better. If I come home late, do not use it, like seeding, I make sure I use it tomorrow! Enjoy learning about corn farming. In 74 our FFA advisor drove us to National FFA Convention in Kansas City. Along the way we stopped at places and our advisor explained some corn harvest operations. I wish that we could have gone to a farm like yours. I live 10 miles from the Canadian border, 110 miles from the North Dakota border. The farm that I work on is 20 miles south. Part of it was 2 of my great grandparents, part grandparents, part mom & dads, part 2 uncles. This area was opened up for home steading in 1915. They came out in spring & summer of 1916. The house & barn where I grew up were built in 1916. Mom & dad were both born in 1916. Mom 12 miles away. Thank you for the teaching & information videos.

  • Axel Uhlenkamp
    Axel Uhlenkamp

    what town do you live in i live in mn

  • David Dykes
    David Dykes

    Zach, get you a safety climbing harness for when you are in that boom lift or up on the grain leg. No need in dying just because of a slip.

  • Big Dreams on Small Acres
    Big Dreams on Small Acres

    394k subs ?! It’s standing room only here!

  • Seán Ó Domhnaill
    Seán Ó Domhnaill

    Hard to watch you high up on the grain silo ladder without being hooked up to a safety harness. One slip and you’d be dead.

  • ed jovi
    ed jovi

    I though u were lost lol !!!!! edbonjovi

  • B rad
    B rad


  • Sue Linda
    Sue Linda

    You would think that with all the equipment there is out there, than no one has bothered to make a huge vacuum cleaner for cleaning that up.

  • Connor Stokes
    Connor Stokes

    On farming simulator

  • Connor Stokes
    Connor Stokes

    Zach what's your farm called

  • axel larsen
    axel larsen

    I know someone who has similar back problems, have you tried a chiropracter? it should really shorten the recovery time.

  • rob townsend
    rob townsend

    I really feel for you zach, I too have back problems this year. Been sleeping on the floor for 3 weeks now.

  • Mark Flajsner
    Mark Flajsner

    Watching and enjoying your entertaining (Minnesotan sense of humour ;-) ) and informative videos from here in France, I live in a rural agricultural area and share your concerns about the disconnect between food producers and consumers. But what I wanted to say re back problems, where I suffer from a sciatica pain for years now which flares up occasionally rendering me immobile or barely being able to walk normally, and so for the last 10 years I go to a chiropractor as regularly as possible, which has been of enormous help to make me normal again. There are a number of causes, one was very slight different leg lengths meaning unconsciously walking incorrectly, so went to see a podiatrist to provide custom made insoles which rectifies poor walking movement. Going to see a chiropractor might be of help, it seems from your comments that it is not going away. Fyi, I watch Bob&Brad youtube channel, 2 US chiropractors, they have a huge following (1.5m subs) and provide very useful info. Bit difficult to explain in this space such matters, but wish you good luck and thanks for the vids.

  • CRO RasQee
    CRO RasQee

    A wise man once said that it's better to break your back by yourself rather then someone breaks them for you. I guess no more videos until March, well it was fun while it lasted.

  • Raymond L
    Raymond L

    Kudos to you for getting the message out. Many if not most people have no idea who and what farming is about. Keep up the good work

  • Andrew Lanman
    Andrew Lanman

    Thought it was pee wee Hermann for a second

  • Joseph hill
    Joseph hill


  • Kevin Klingner
    Kevin Klingner

    Have you guys thought of using your flex fronts for harvesting the down and tangled corn? I have harvested corn with just a conventional front in corn and it works very well . The cross anger may have to be raised to cope with stalks though.

  • Patman Crowley
    Patman Crowley

    I love Omaha, Nebraska. My grandparents (mom's family) are buried there. I sure miss Robert and Rose Townsend. God Bless their souls! They were great folks.

  • Shane Clements
    Shane Clements

    Here's hoping you have a decent growing season next year. You and all the farmers.

  • K Bar
    K Bar

    About 10 years ago, an uncle of mine from Iowa who owned a farm passed. As a kid, I never knew what he did other than farm. His obituary amazed me, he was on the board for the State Fair for years, he headed up several farm organizations, was involved in the community. His dad was the same, and a small claim to fame, he beat the Budweiser horses in buckboard competition at the state fair in 1904 (BC-before clydesdales!). Anyway, I'm glad you tell all of us what you do, because sometimes, even when it's family, if you live to far away, you don't know and he never said anything about what he did. Inversion table for the back, I used to mess mine up about once per year working like you do. If you get on it at least three times a week for about 5-10 minutes, it will keep your back in good shape. Don't get the cheapo plastic one, mine was about $150 on Amazon and worth every penny. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • Deutschehordenelite

    sped up gopro footage gave me a headache :o Edit: the one where you are inside the grain dryer and move a bunch.

  • Dave Kimbler
    Dave Kimbler

    Hope your back feels better ! Merry Christmas to you and yours ! By the way if you have anymore tarps you want to get rid of or big totes please let me know and this time I will come to get them !

  • christerpher Feddema
    christerpher Feddema

    jlg never have had 4x4 genes do both makers have good and bad judepend on site and what your doing

  • HUSTON FARMS est 1842
    HUSTON FARMS est 1842

    Oh man, you’ve got Oregon Trail on your smart planter? Jealous

  • Keith Krone
    Keith Krone

    Right there with ya. My back goes out once a year, cripples me for 3 days, sorts itself out and then it’s fine. Back engineering is messed up. Thanks, god.

  • Ruth Plaisted
    Ruth Plaisted

    I like every single video you make you do very 👍🏼

  • Austin Kramer
    Austin Kramer

    its noth that i need more "off the husk podcasts" ...... its just that my life revolves around them and i REALLY REALLY LIKE THEM

  • Ginger Baker
    Ginger Baker

    Are all the media appearances left-wing? Theater of public policy? WTF?

  • B Harmon
    B Harmon


  • Daniel Meland
    Daniel Meland

    Wow I’m running grain cart at 14 and there’s some people just learning 😮

  • 6Diego1Diego9

    do you have any black friends?

  • ************

    Oh my gaww that music was great! In this vid

  • Carl Vandenberg
    Carl Vandenberg

    8:38 That's what she said. 😏

    • Carl Vandenberg
      Carl Vandenberg

      Oh man, I stopped and posted this before hearing Zach's 6" "that's what she said" comment a few minutes later lol.

  • chad harmon
    chad harmon

    Zack be careful walking around on that dryer damn things are dangerous

  • walter mattson
    walter mattson

    It sure takes a lot of equipment to keep a farm going.

  • DAT Zombie
    DAT Zombie

    Thumbnail: I broke my back!! Also thumbnail: Mo enjoying yet another sunset. 😎👍👍

  • lee Vanruler
    lee Vanruler

    You are pretty close to some dairy operations. That type of presentation from a farmer's perspective would be good - especially the process of the harvest and storage of the silage to the disposal of the effluent that is generated. Additionally, you could include some of the cutting edge technology that is coming on line for the methane usage some of the cattle feeders and dairy operations are doing for energy production. Another area that you could address again is the time that you helped out a neighbor with other neighbors for a day or two. Just some thoughts.

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones

    Piece of should have tried cleaning inside a Scotch Marine Locomotive Fire Tube 3 furnace boiler. You squeeze into a 12"x18" oval man plug at the bottom of the boiler underneath the furnaces and scrap out the scale deposits from water treatment and cast iron being heated. It is very tight and I am scared stiff. I was the new guy and very young. I vowed I would never again never never never. After that I sailed as the ships electrician where I never had to do boilers again . Fire tubes were the old steam reciprocating engines, so I stay on double reduction gear drive steam turbines that used Water tube boilers and I only walk past then to the generators and motors. Your dryer can see out and see day light. Boilers are light being in a womb. Tight entranceway and no space to move about. No light and muffed sounds.

  • Lusty Wench
    Lusty Wench

    When you going on Joe Rogan? That would be hilarious.

    • Millennial Farmer
      Millennial Farmer

      I wish!!

  • ThatGuyFishes

    You need to get one of them industrial leaf vacuums those municipalities run around with

  • Trent Hesse
    Trent Hesse

    You got a hair cut!!

  • Wes Pfeiffer
    Wes Pfeiffer

    Wash your own equipment do

    • Millennial Farmer
      Millennial Farmer

      Traray or do?

  • Wes Pfeiffer
    Wes Pfeiffer

    Wash your own traray

  • TimmY BoY
    TimmY BoY

    That girl O.o

  • Connor Hart
    Connor Hart

    Zach i hope your back ends up feeling better and keeps you Vertical!! My family and I love you and your family even though we have not met. Best of luck with planting this year and thank you so much for all of your content that You and Mrs.MN post for us!!!

  • Sheldon F
    Sheldon F

    We rent a portable 50 horse air compressor from the local equipment rental place. Get an 18 inch steel pipe and flatten the end a bit. Hang on tight cause it will blow! Make sure to put a good valve on the pipe. You don't get wet and my experience has been that it does a better job than even hot water. Less water = less wear and tear and less rust. Just wear good ear plugs!

  • Dagon Naxos
    Dagon Naxos

    I can't wait for more Off The Husk! I really enjoy when you get silly with Randy and Becky!

  • life of retarded
    life of retarded

    Good for you

  • Torque4Days

    As a non-farmer but a person that grew up rural and working on farms I find it interesting to see how you operate behind the scenes. How do the books work? What do you do all winter? How do you manage making all your revenue in a short time and budgeting that throughout the year? Also- when you purchase new equipment (combine, tillage, planter) hoe do you justify its value when it's used only a couple of weeks out of the year?

  • jpmisme1998

    Please never do a timelaps GoPro head mount again.

  • Mike Mayfield
    Mike Mayfield

    You guys keep your equipment top shelf buddy . Very impressed. My back does the same thing brother but the problem with my back is to much use when it was new .😎

  • Andrew Prestidge
    Andrew Prestidge

    Zach, try slowin down the timelapse a little bit. i love the vids tho!

  • Dreddip

    I had debilitating back spasms, the worse yet this summer. Couldn't breathe they were so bad. Got a TENS unit and it was instant relief! I don't use it often but when my back gets pushed off at something I've done, TENS to the rescue.

  • San Turner
    San Turner

    I gone tell you about a security cam usually an old telephone if you use a android phone go to play store and download Alfred camera and ez to hook up and it will alert you has sound and you can talk throu the out side phone it has night vision can change from back cam to the front cam works great

  • Garret Cross
    Garret Cross

    Hey Zach. I could get you a tour of a modern hog confinement in central Iowa. You could interview the manager of the company about modern agriculture in the hog production industry. Let me know if you are interested

  • San Turner
    San Turner

    What Fra do you use on you walktalkey I have two longer anntener for the walktalkeys if you would like to have them I will send them to you for free o got them off of wish and that was cheap and you can talk don't always talk better with longer antenna cuz if you would like to have the two I will send them to you for free pee on you and the pack I will get your email address and send them to you this is Sandy Turner from Heflin Alabama I am praying with Jay Paul to pay dirt and let's dig in dirt perfect Jim is leaving for the day wade the logger I would like to come spend by the week when y'all when you planting or harvesting never done a farm work only ever done is mechanic. Truck and run heavy equipment and logging let me know if you want them my email is [email protected] and my name is Sandy turner most people just call me my bcc handle. Blade

  • john holschlag
    john holschlag

    Really embrace the videos. I like how you describe what it is like to run a farm.. I also like all the equipment you show. it is interesting how you take care of the land. Your involvement in all of the things you do is fantastic. You have a great personality and keep it up. It takes a lot of work to record and edit these videos. I really understand the back issues have had them for many years. Sorry to say they doesnt usually get better. It is an SH phenomenon. Great to see interaction with your kids. You do need a better diet but you are working hard and burning calories. Does Onyx hunt by himself probably not. I grew up in Iowa worked on turkey and mink ranch a thousand years ago. the history on the farm was great i am sure your dad enjoyed it. Takes a lot of work. I read you run 2700 acres. saw a video of farm in Tenn that a corn field 10K acres amazing. Also watch Sandi Brock in Canada Keep up the good work

  • matthewrenshaw

    Thats awesome - looking forward to the livestock farm vids!

  • Jonathan Van Maanen
    Jonathan Van Maanen

    Why dont you use the grain vac for this, would make back breaking work into pancake sunday

    • Millennial Farmer
      Millennial Farmer

      What grain vac?! We don't own one

  • Marcus Jost
    Marcus Jost

    See you at the F2F livestream in Omaha!

  • Cody Beavers
    Cody Beavers

    Hey Zach not trying to tell u how to do ur job but wouldn’t a rake work for pulling it toward the door nor am I farmer

  • Diamond Heart Ranch
    Diamond Heart Ranch

    Buy some tyvek paper suits like coveralls. The are very lightweight and easy to move around in and you stay perfectly clean and no itching.

  • Alex Duke
    Alex Duke

    *IF* you're interested

  • TheLittle Pickle
    TheLittle Pickle

    300K subs later

  • GenAfterNextTactics


  • bmedic2082

    My back goes out at least once a year. Go to your doctor and a script for Flexeril (it's a muscle relaxer), works wonders. Keep up all the hard work Zach!

  • matthewrenshaw

    Wear a mask man!!

  • Kirk Duff
    Kirk Duff

    Thanks enjoy the videos up here in Canada.

  • BrotherRedBeard

    Just saying the word SNOW here in Montana makes it snow.

  • FRANsylvania Maple
    FRANsylvania Maple

    You sound like you need a good chiropractor. I used to have issues like that too until I started using a chiropractor. On another note, maybe you could try touring a good Maple Farm?

  • Tyson Morris
    Tyson Morris

    I love John Deere. I said this to my boss. Shiny green paint stay in the shed. Any other brand stay out

  • trump greatest
    trump greatest

    I live 2 hours away from omaha in Nebraska 😂

  • Justin Mills
    Justin Mills

    You need a mini Grain Vacuum to clean out your grain dryer. Just cut me in on your new invention.