Stranger Things

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller

  • PeeWand 035
    PeeWand 035

    wow what could i say besides this being very weird, I like it 😂😂

  • Sebastian Borja
    Sebastian Borja


  • NavyBlitz

    Stranger things? Riverdale Which one?

  • An et
    An et

    I can ST5 ST 6 ST7 ST8 ST9 ST10 Im real cry 😭 i love Mike And El😭

  • Your Playlist Girl
    Your Playlist Girl

    The unlikes are not unlikes, they're likes from the uppside down

  • Gabriel Henrique
    Gabriel Henrique

    Finn: Why is there something full of dust Hopper: ITS YOU GRANDMA

  • LivGacha 2000
    LivGacha 2000

    I know that this probably won't happen and I might have missed something and this character might be dead but I really want to see where El's dad is. Like maybe he has powers too

  • Becky Aesthetic
    Becky Aesthetic

    Bruh Eleven litterally closed the gate and now y'all are going to another place which means NEW FUCKING-

  • Becky Aesthetic
    Becky Aesthetic

    I mean I kind of already guessed it, because will and eleven are moving and their friends basically won't leave them there. (my opinion)

  • Icy Guinea Pig
    Icy Guinea Pig

    I read the title as joe, mama

  • Rishi Vimal
    Rishi Vimal

    Where is S04

  • GuineaPigGirl 213
    GuineaPigGirl 213

    We were watching season three and my mom said we should skip the intro and me and my dad we’re like heck to the no this is This is the one intro you can never skip!

  • The Lunam Ladies
    The Lunam Ladies

    Omg I’m soo early this is from a day ago

  • oh shit girl-
    oh shit girl-

    Yassss I've been waiting for too Long

  • GamerGurly

    If Suzie Dustin had not forced that to sing, then Hopper and Billy would still be alive (if Hopper is dead)

  • maya .
    maya .

    if you have more millie/finn/noah videos pls POST THEM

  • Sarah Emmendorfer
    Sarah Emmendorfer

    This was before the worst possible thing happened.............. Joe/Steve got a haircut... *RIP Steve the HAIR Harrington*

  • *-professional boi-*
    *-professional boi-*

    *kissing is better without teeth.*

  • Jada_ Playz
    Jada_ Playz

    Nobody: Not even baby Yoda: Hopper: *ITS YOUR GRANDMA*

  • Dead meme
    Dead meme

    0:47 they were trying to tell us along

  • Dasherr _XD
    Dasherr _XD

    Who thinks Suzie should be part of the party in season 4

  • Felipe Silva
    Felipe Silva


  • Roman Basmanov
    Roman Basmanov

    Who is Joe?

  • Naveen Sekar
    Naveen Sekar

    Don't end the stranger things please 😭😭

  • maulinda putri
    maulinda putri


  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide

    The first season is a best Stranger Things series. Change My Mind.

  • Asu Space
    Asu Space

    I love Robin.

  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor

    RIP meowmow

  • rat

    yo whyd it get me tho


    Cyka blyat

  • Mary Cleary
    Mary Cleary

    Who knew I needed this so badly.

  • L Dominguez
    L Dominguez

    Oh my god

  • Ebony And Tatianna govea vlogs
    Ebony And Tatianna govea vlogs

    Finn: hell ya Finn m: hi editors Millie: Finn what did you just say

  • Gamers Of Hell
    Gamers Of Hell

    I don't want it to finish 😭

  • Sav Gallardo
    Sav Gallardo

    They've grown so much since season 1 but still love them💗

  • Karl Striepe
    Karl Striepe

    Constantly entertaining.

  • Royale Spill
    Royale Spill

    Netflix: Skip intro Me: How could you even bring up dem horrible words!?

  • Z dragon fighter
    Z dragon fighter

    Do a stranger things 3am


    my favorite line- “i dump your a**”

  • Ever Benitez
    Ever Benitez

    Omg is like the 90,s i wish the 90,s came back

  • faroshscale

    I keep forgetting that MBB is English LMAO

  • Anna Clark
    Anna Clark

    These bloopers are my life

  • Devanga Borah
    Devanga Borah

    Maya Hawke is love 🥰🥰🥰

  • kunjan_zz

    ST mallu fans like adii

  • Shannon Gomez
    Shannon Gomez


  • Shannon Gomez
    Shannon Gomez

    Stranger Things 2 - 3D Hoodie

  • Brxken Phoenix
    Brxken Phoenix

    it really be like Stranger Things ________________ sƃuᴉɥʇ ɹǝƃuɐɹʇS

  • Haley Collins
    Haley Collins

    ahhhhhhhh cant waitttt

  • mariano the object thingy 2019
    mariano the object thingy 2019

    me: *makes an event dedicated to a favorite youtuber* tho makers of the intro: how many goosebumps do you want the spectators to have at the intro? me: *Y E S*

  • Carlo Dizon
    Carlo Dizon

    Don't worry about hopper he is okay and he was with black widow in MCU

  • Idayanna brown
    Idayanna brown

    Random person:pissing himself Finn:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Supreme Uchiha
    Supreme Uchiha

    The Caleb influence is REAL with them shirts lol

  • Shoshana Loomer
    Shoshana Loomer

    Anyone here after season 3? I'm watching this and thinking, wow, this all makes scence now!

  • Collided Worlds
    Collided Worlds

    The Style and Tone of Stranger things Seasons Stranger Things Season 1: *Personally not sure* Stranger Things Season 2: *80’s Horror Movies* Stranger Things Season 3: *80’s Action Movies*

  • Maestro Ninja
    Maestro Ninja

    Great, Joe’s haircut is now long gone and Steve’s hair is back!

  • K.A.H. Entertainment
    K.A.H. Entertainment

    *2 months later I’m still waiting*

  • Jonathan Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson

    Who gave this a thumbs down?

  • Inoa Pear
    Inoa Pear

    Notice the "Welcome to Hawkings" sign in the background. This would a appear to be the woods around Hopper's Cabin. I think you see Hopper's Cabin in the background... it's the last light that goes out before the screen goes black and the chime starts. Also, it sounds like a tone goes backwards for a second or two before the clip ends. Could this backwards sound hint at something too? Time travel? Winding time backwards? The situation presented here looks pretty dire.. if not just for Hawkings, but the entire world. Could it be that the Mind Flayer succeeds in coming in to our world? Have the Russians given it the chance to enter our world, and it's starting to take it over? Might time travel be needed to stop it, by undoing it? Could the method of opening the gate that the Russians are employing be used to effect time? Open portals through time not just dimensions? Edit: this theory is not mine credits to the owner

  • Uh Storm
    Uh Storm

    At 0:03 why does hopper have no nips

  • Trillidevil Skull
    Trillidevil Skull

    Hopper: It yo gramma. Will: and a day full of girls!

  • boolixious

    please bring back more suzie

  • Amaris Malden
    Amaris Malden

    turn around....look at what u seee eee eeeeee... finish the lyrics

  • Little Crackhead
    Little Crackhead

    Those aren’t dislikes... they’re just likes from the upside down 🙃

  • All H
    All H

    Gente, no hablo inglés :( No entiendo, pero me gusta jsjs No les importa, lo sé jsjs

  • salo7227

    Mrs. Wheeler makes my peepee tingle.

  • Yousef Tamimi
    Yousef Tamimi

    You know what someone is about to die and I feel like singing that is so god damn strange

    • Yousef Tamimi
      Yousef Tamimi

      I like it

  • Yousef Tamimi
    Yousef Tamimi

    You god damn circus freak

  • Vinny Vindice
    Vinny Vindice

    I’m late yes I know I’m rewatching it and I saw a clock, a newspaper, welcome to Hawkins sign and hoppers cabin

  • Terry Argo
    Terry Argo

    Ghosts are very real they are in fact demons. They can only be dealt with by using spiritual warfare you can learn for free at Tip; if the song played on the site bothers you then you definitely have a demonic attachment. Say all of the prayers outloud to banish the evil ones.

  • Savannah Shirley
    Savannah Shirley

    nobody: nobody: Absolutely nobody: David Kenneth Harbour: IT'S YER GRAHMAW

  • Haley Burch
    Haley Burch

    Plz let Hooper or gim live

  • Lou Carceles
    Lou Carceles

    C toute ma vie cette musique 😂❤️

  • Jorden James
    Jorden James

    YES YES YES 😭😭😅

  • Bona Choi
    Bona Choi

    If hopper was dead I officially will hate this show I want him so badly😭

  • Bona Choi
    Bona Choi

    Please make him back😭😭😭

  • Bona Choi
    Bona Choi

    We want hopper 😭

  • random person
    random person

    Kinda with this show ended in after season 1

  • MeredithSilva

    Netflix: skip intro Me: hell no! The music is dope!

  • Creeper_ Xersion
    Creeper_ Xersion

    1:14 how it feels to chew 5 gum

  • Blanket

    2:04 looks like they kissed

  • Stankypoop Trantyw
    Stankypoop Trantyw

    Who’s here eating for the date *waiting😎

  • VikaSuperStarTV

    I know that on the stairs was elf und Mike und Dustin made mistake cause They saw their friend Elf und They didn't want that They mother knew about her. And this first part seems funny right !

  • The Axolotl Guy
    The Axolotl Guy

    David harbour: ^laughs at the word grandma^ Me: ^laughs so hard I fall of chairs^

  • Magdalena Malszewska
    Magdalena Malszewska

    Steve: WUT?

  • PLU5H’Be&r Plush’Tber
    PLU5H’Be&r Plush’Tber


  • Eda Erkan
    Eda Erkan

    Short video

  • she’s getting on my nerves
    she’s getting on my nerves

    Надеюсь мы опять не будем виноваты во всей этой херне

  • she’s getting on my nerves
    she’s getting on my nerves

    Делаю по утрам ниче так помогает

  • Riv van Bekhoven
    Riv van Bekhoven

    Noone: Literally noone: Not even a soul: Me: Billy's eyes 😂😂😂😂

  • krishna

    Where is season 4 ? Release date?

  • Ron Nazareth
    Ron Nazareth

    They are on Marble 4 🤪

  • Valentina Sarinho
    Valentina Sarinho

    Omgggggggg loveeee

  • Ninon Belloir
    Ninon Belloir

    Je vous aimes vraiment BEAUCOUP trop 🥰😄🧡🤭💜

  • Emir Geşgin
    Emir Geşgin


  • Paul Lehmann
    Paul Lehmann

    My favorite line is ahoy ladies didn't see you there...

  • Alex 345
    Alex 345

    This is one of the craziest series I've ever seen after walking dead!

  • James

    Hopper sounds like good ol Yosemite Sam 😆

  • Milo Burrage
    Milo Burrage

    Y’all make me cry Y’all make me “waa waa!” SO SAD! TIKTOKERS WILL UNDERSTAND!

  • Vnz Hzj
    Vnz Hzj

    ماكو اي عربي هنا