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  • diana cardenas
    diana cardenas

    nikki is always talking about being misunderstood and people not seeing things. she only says that cuz she thinks that ppl don’t see things or understand her because they don’t share the same views. unless u agree with her u aren’t “understanding” the situation. disagreeing on views is not misunderstanding sb. toxic 🙄

  • I have No idea
    I have No idea


  • autumn lars
    autumn lars

    the girl asking the questions is so nice to tayler

  • Rosh Na
    Rosh Na

    Missing brevaaa

  • Jully Ponce
    Jully Ponce

    I don't like Dennis he or she is ugly and has a really big head

  • Meadow Steele
    Meadow Steele

    Seeing niki and gabi crying made me cry 😢

  • H&L Julien
    H&L Julien

    the bexis won

  • sydney Looms
    sydney Looms

    Omg every time I see Sarah I roll my eyes and go ehg bc I don’t like her she starts so much drama omg!

  • Kierra Wills
    Kierra Wills

    The girl in the neon green annoyed me so much like I want to meet larray and Issa so bad and she’s getting to meet them and she’s being so insensitive and rude. Sorry lol it just really annoyed me

  • Potato Ninga
    Potato Ninga

    6:06 there's no crying in the club

  • Anne Kathryn Haggod
    Anne Kathryn Haggod

    This show gives me a headache but yet I can’t stop watching this show

  • Jazzie Zavala
    Jazzie Zavala

    The uncle dance was my favor part! her dad u can tell, was the most hype!!! and made other hype to his level

  • nella dc
    nella dc

    Gabi is so ugh.. everyone is fighting because she was doing the nasty in Denis’ bed...that’s how everything started so like she has to deal with her crap honestly and she just ran away for attention

  • Anne Kathryn Haggod
    Anne Kathryn Haggod

    One word DRAMA

  • Channel Hardwell
    Channel Hardwell

    Cool because I love youo

  • faith brown
    faith brown

    Niki needs to stop bringing up her old relationship to every situation im serious focus on your relationship now

  • Depressed Weirdos
    Depressed Weirdos

    Poor Sabrina 😂

  • GG

    I’m so sorry but when a Libra is pissed it isn’t pretty

  • Trinity Life
    Trinity Life

    i hate predictable shows like this one if it was like Jane the virgin it would be better.

  • Jude the Dude
    Jude the Dude

    Who else hates sarah Comment down below

  • Trinity Life
    Trinity Life

    is it bad that i cried at the end because i wanted andi to be with kent

  • Oscar Jimenez
    Oscar Jimenez

    Lexi has a bf.

  • Morgan Rae
    Morgan Rae

    Watching this entire thing made me realize how much I hated this season. Gabi being upset, Dennis being....Dennis, niki being dramatic.... ANYWAYS can’t wait until they take they Bahamas 😭😭

  • Jon Almanza
    Jon Almanza

    The alpacas running away from Larray is a mood

  • Rosie Remsen
    Rosie Remsen

    Is this your channel

  • Kaitlyn De Leon
    Kaitlyn De Leon

    I love how the guy had the courage to ask larray out. Man he was really flirting with larray tho.

  • Valerie Benitez
    Valerie Benitez

    The ride is called The Zipper

  • Elizabeth Wong
    Elizabeth Wong

    When dose this start

  • Michelle De la cruz
    Michelle De la cruz

    Christian and brandon

  • Taylor Nanni
    Taylor Nanni

    Kenny says he has drama and main drama

  • Gacha Person
    Gacha Person

    Yasss I love pineapple pizza

  • Emily Diaz
    Emily Diaz

    Tim gives you space when you need it he makes you feel relaxed and he is also sweet

  • Linc Marlow
    Linc Marlow

    Thomas disappeared through the show, why?

  • deicy camarena
    deicy camarena

    the lie detector guy is so so so serious he never smiles or never laughs like when tayler was saying to him about lying the guy was like i cannot do that so shut up

  • blu3wolf85

    taje with the golden heart he is the man.

  • Elise Rose Maxwell
    Elise Rose Maxwell


  • Eli Sosa
    Eli Sosa

    Can they stop they are so over dramatic

  • Frosted Whiteshirt
    Frosted Whiteshirt

    17:16 killed me

  • sydney Looms
    sydney Looms

    I miss rio! Will she ever comeback

  • Saoirse Ward
    Saoirse Ward

    Ngl Dennis is a whole mood though.

  • queen salma
    queen salma

    Gabi is mean

  • mtmattix

    I ship

  • Kianca Black (DHS)
    Kianca Black (DHS)

    I will keep Devin ven though I'm a girl

  • Alexandra Ibrahim
    Alexandra Ibrahim

    The girls all looked so beautiful on the runway but I wish they showed more of Dani and Suraya’s dresses 💗

  • Coronavirus Sucks
    Coronavirus Sucks

    I can’t lie Gabi interrogating her infront of everyone is so bitchy

  • Christian James Ruaquin
    Christian James Ruaquin

    When Brent stoke Andrews ice cream he was making a tiktok

  • Frosted Whiteshirt
    Frosted Whiteshirt

    That guy was Hella handsome and larray said bye ugly 🤣

  • Alanna fun Llama
    Alanna fun Llama


  • Leia Hernandez
    Leia Hernandez

    Why is this so freakin long. ♾♾♾♾

  • Gladis Ramirez
    Gladis Ramirez

    Who is she sorry

  • Miah Mangilit
    Miah Mangilit

    YASSSSS CESIL IS OUT!! (No offense though i'm just happy christian's staying)

  • ChArLoTtE cArTwRiGhT
    ChArLoTtE cArTwRiGhT

    as soon as i saw ryan my mind went: "CaRtEr ShArEr"

  • Zainab Kamara-Bashir
    Zainab Kamara-Bashir

    Nikis face when gabi started crying is pricless

  • Ella Moses
    Ella Moses

    Who watched the whole video

  • Umma Kulsum Julie
    Umma Kulsum Julie

    love u brent

  • Blair Waldorf
    Blair Waldorf

    i can’t believe that bryce is the most smart

  • faith smith!!
    faith smith!!

    The fact that they were 30 minutes from where I live...

  • blu3wolf85

    this lie detector dude is a trooper i see him all over youtube

  • Jayly Ruiz
    Jayly Ruiz

    What happened to Thomas and ally?

  • Judy Orozco
    Judy Orozco


  • sergiohernandez680

    You should do twin my heart with one of your guy friends

  • fruity. bri
    fruity. bri

    Ariam is so annoying

  • Alexandra Ibrahim
    Alexandra Ibrahim

    It takes a lot to be honest of how jealous or insecure you are or someone, good for Sam 💚💚

  • Maria Hiriarte
    Maria Hiriarte

    Is Larry a boy or a girl

  • Petunia Rocks
    Petunia Rocks

    Is this the full episode

  • Aislinn Ginley
    Aislinn Ginley

    idk why niki acted so disgusted when alex told them that dennis was upset and they should apoligize. like why can't they just be the bigger people and just apoligize, they are acting so childish. dennis just doesn't want to start any drama. and then later niki calls him petty, like doing whatever gabi was doing isn't i cant with them sometimes i do think that the pots and pans was a tiny bit dramatic ngl, there's so many more ways that they could hadle the whole situation. Also, they were yelling at dennis for touching alex's things but colin and gabi did more than touch his bed.

  • Abigail Stevens
    Abigail Stevens

    She has so many apps on a phone when my only allows certain amount of apps

  • Jeszalynne Witkop
    Jeszalynne Witkop

    A is supposed to be apartment cause if you live in an attic it is a part of a house

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man

    That blond on the thumbnail looks like a donkey.

  • alaysia Edwards
    alaysia Edwards

    Larray called him ugly he was mad/sad

  • sydney Looms
    sydney Looms

    Omg I’m so over Sarah

  • Coronavirus Sucks
    Coronavirus Sucks

    Gabi: No no no don’t play *V I C T I M* I- bitch wtf

  • Abigail Stevens
    Abigail Stevens

    Her Kittens name is coffee cat

  • Panda Choco
    Panda Choco

    Niki played with Cabi’s Health and that’s not good. She is so fake And like the fake crying and the crying voice.... and she’s playing the victim?! Really????

  • Annali Fowler
    Annali Fowler

    Who else is crying because you were rooting for Dustin and Denzel

  • Kid Khaos
    Kid Khaos

    I think issa likes larray

  • Livi Edmonds
    Livi Edmonds


  • Mami Chloe
    Mami Chloe

    This is kinda look him bein her olda brotha o boy best friend lmao,

  • sama nageh
    sama nageh

    y'all go hate somewhere else bc we have enough here. the bucket is filled go milk another cow boomers

  • Barbie Alvarez
    Barbie Alvarez

    I can't imagine driving 2 hours for school 🙄

  • Abby Dorton
    Abby Dorton

    Taylor goes “wowsers” lmaoooo

  • Lilia May All the way
    Lilia May All the way

    Who skipped to the end to see the finished product

  • Katy The Explorer
    Katy The Explorer

    I just want to know why the videos were repeated

  • Lilia May All the way
    Lilia May All the way

    Students doing the spins- awesome Larray- questionable Issa- show off

  • Yaya Martinez
    Yaya Martinez

    Watching this episode makes me be so greatful about the fact that my mom accepts me

  • The not So perfects
    The not So perfects


  • Familia Olvera
    Familia Olvera

    love it Eva 11:33

  • Henry Hui
    Henry Hui

    Matt is an editor from Carter Sharer and a friend

  • Emily Goetz
    Emily Goetz

    aww poor tayler😂🥺

  • Avrium

    No offense, but gay people have the same tones of voice

  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. Mayhem

    Okay I’m gonna resin scribe to LeLe again lol

  • Katy The Explorer
    Katy The Explorer

    Hey I just finished watching all 5 hours

  • Kinsleigh Reep
    Kinsleigh Reep

    I love how Rachel is like I’m just gonna go now that would be me if I was her 😂

  • Sarah LaCroix
    Sarah LaCroix

    I love Alex